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Have you ever sent money orders?

I did yesterday and unfortunately the recipent (my cousin) told me that she couldn't receive it because they told her she needed a ten-digit number even though the lady had told me all the recipent needed was a pass question and pass answer which I provided and told her to say and a piece of ID. And now, I'm scared because for some odd reason I can't find the transaction sheets (the receipt) and am at loss at what to do. Will they be able to fix this if I go to the transaction center and ask them even if I have no transaction sheets? I sent it 2 nights ago via a reputable company (Western Union).

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Jemma, your cousin should have been able to pick up the money you sent her by Western Union just with the pass question, answer, and ID as you stated. Go back to western union and show them your id and let them look up this transaction. Hopefully the person where your cousin went did not pick up the money for themselves and just tell her she didn't have the right information. I've sent money by western union and the person didn't need a number to pick it up, just their id and information I provided them. Hopefully you weren't scammed. I pray your cousin gets the money or you get it back. Do it quickly though, don't wait any longer.

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