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Are you going to vote on the Crawford question? If not why?

I voted in retailation, but why not vote, so at least we have real people vote and it is less rigged? How about voting and then you can see where the answers are. I see a great deal of them are on the 1st page. Now a wish I had gone further in. Are you going to vote and for what number and why?

Update 2:

Add some reality to this people vote on one with whatever system you can think of so this is more real and ivolves us and is not bogus.

Update 3:

Go rate her quesiton too with the thumbs system. Make this better. I even reported her. I said this was insulting to us to use celebrities and have fake answers and cheating.

Update 4:

Just pick an aswer some where. Pick one in far so they have a chance look for a good one far in and pick the best one on that page so those people get a chance.

Update 5:

So far allan y is going to win the 10 pts if someone does not say anything better.

4 Answers

  • JuanB
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
    Favorite Answer

    I voted - I voted for a decent answer on the first 2 pages, I admit. BUT if you look at the number of questions where a stupid answer that is the first posting gets best answer, this question is getting a bit more respect than that.

    Now that you mention it, I think I would have done it different too. Instead of reading from the front, I would have clicked to the back page, or randomly started reading on a middle page.

    I think most people on here know that if they aren't on the first page of answers, they have no chance of getting best answer. And if they aren't in the first 5 answers they have about a 1/50 chance of winning a vote. If people are answering on page 5 and 6 of a question, then you know their motivation to do so is more than expecting they might be chosen best answer.

    I think by Cindy going to a vote, if it means 100 people spent another 5 minutes thinking about the problem and reading people's answers. Then more has been done to help.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I love to read. I refuse to read 2978 answers to vote on it.

    Do you remember the commercial: "This is your brain (they show an egg) and this is your brain on drugs (crack the egg into a very hot cast iron skillet)"!

    That what will happen to anybody trying to read and vote on this question and all the answers.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I posted an answer to her question, but I'm not going to read all of them or any of them to vote on one.'

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    what was the question and where can we find the crawford question?

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