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What is it like to go to UNC and stay in a sorority?

I am looking into attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for my undergraduate studies. however i was wondering if it would be better to join a sorority there or stay in the regular dorms? If it is better to join a sorority then how do you?

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  • Tino
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    1 decade ago
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    Generally speaking those in greek life have a higher GPA than those not in greek life....But greek life is not for everyone . Your best bet is to go check out greek life on your campus and see if it's for you...The biggest suggestion I can give you is not get your heart set on one house and to make friends before you decide to join a greek house.

    Greek Life is not for everyone but some people really grow from being greek.

    Source(s): Greek Life Mythbuster, and Fraternity brother with many house positions and many friends in different fraternities and sororities
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