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Does anybody know how well the Mobile ESPN phone works?

I'm wondering if it is worth the money for the added ESPN stuff. Or if it is just less mess to get a different phone.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    its ana amazing phone and its actually not expensive at all unless you want a lot of live video stuff...I'm paying 39.99 a month for 400 minutes, unlimited n+w, and sports package. My fav part is real time game cast. It is literally live up to date...we were watchin a college football game and we were watching the game clock on the tv and the phone and they were moving at identical speeds...and the phone is amazing...i got it a while back when the mvp was 99 but now i hear you can get if FREE!!! 1.3 mp camera phone, speakerphone, and a great display. Even if you're not a huge sports fan it's a great phone uses Sprints CDMA network which is almost flawless. Hope this helps...

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