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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsOther - Family & Relationships · 1 decade ago

iwant to forget somrbody ilove him but he don,t how can iforgrt him?please read details or iwill die?

iam17 years old&he is 40 years old he was un happy with his wife

so I stand beside him we spend fantastic days in trips of our school (he is my teacher insecondry school) but after that he began to go away from me at the end of last year inschool then igo to university alot of youth wants to contact with me but irefused as isay"iwillbe unfaithfull tomylover" ican<forget him every thing&everywhere iwent with him make me dying idon,t know how to forget him imade every thing but its usless i,m crying&crying till my life will destroy and he forget me and searching for another one help me pleeeeeeeeeeeease "no one can choose the person he loves' "how can ilove another one orhow can icontinue my life i have no confidence with anyone there is no real love all love is

illusion except me

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Love is not that easy to find nor to give.... You just have to face the truth and move on, even thou it hurts alot but there is nothing else you can do. You can't just make someone to love you when they don't..( sorry about that.) You see, you're still young and beautiful, it's pretty much of all you can do. Take chances.. If you go out with another guy, it doesn't mean you're cheating on him, because he left you......... But if he ask you to wait for him, I guess you should or should not depending on your love emotions.. It seems as he is your first and the only one who treated you the way you wanted them to.... but Maybe when you actually find some one else they might change the way you feel about him.

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