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Do you know about how to get help with Medications if you are low income and have no insurance?

These things might help you if you live in the United States and Do not have health coverage and are low income.

1st off see if you qualify for medicare of medicaid they are more stable than these programs and these programs are last resort. Not all people qualify for federal programs.

For brand name medications

For generic medications

Ask your doctor if he or she has an vouchers (these are stickers or cards for free fills of medication when you take in a prescription)

Ask your doctor if he or she has any samples because you cannot afford your medications. Some doctors have medications if a company is promoting their product.

Find a home town independent pharmacy and ask them what the best price they can give you on a medication is. Independent pharmacies can often give you a better price on generics because the owner is right there. On brand names they cannot usually give you

I am a pharmacis


On brand names they cannot usually give you much if anything off because the company has a huge mark up. This is a hometown pharmacy and not a walmart or walgreens.

Update 2:

Here is another link this is for people without insurance and only covers some states just a few. It gives prescription coverage also.

Update 3:

Also if you do not qualify for any of this stuff you can try to get onto the specific medication web site and look to see if they are offering any money coupons off their medication. Some of them do. Imitrex has one and Viagra has one right now that I know of. They even take money off with people who have insurance, but need some off their copays.

Update 4:

I am a pharmacist and am just letting people know of what I know is out there in the USA, This is not really a question more of an FYI.

Update 5:

Do you have anything to add to this about free service available that are not scams?

Update 6:

Please no fake websites online. Those are scams.

Update 7:

Did you know this stuff was available?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    TOGETHER RX Access is another solution to recieve discounted precription rates. I just lost my job and my insurance so I had to re apply and renew my Together RX account so my prescriptions will not be so expensive. Unfortunately in the state of ALABAMA, Medicaid for the unemplyeed is not available unless you are trying to keep from concieving...I had my tubes tied so they will not cover me, and I think that is pathetic. God forbid if I have a medical emergency before I can get another rjob and have insurance!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Try asking local social clubs such as The knights of Columbus - civitan - or Lion's club , here in canada they will help pay your medication , sometimes the intirer cost , if you can prove you can't afford to buy them > Good luck Andy ( knight of Columbus Council 5281 Aylmer Quebec Canada )

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  • Alyssa
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    3 years ago


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  • try medicare or look on comersials they have lots of offers

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