How could i soften lacrosse mesh?

How could I soften lacrosse dura-mesh without making it to soft...its off the head and brand new...

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    1 decade ago
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    I played college lacrosse for 3 years at University of Tennesee. And 10 years all together. I mainly used Traditional stringing , but I understand the workings of mesh as i've used a few with mesh over the years.

    When it comes to you in the mail or from the store, the mesh is highly stiff and rigid. Bleach will loosen the fabric fibers. Take the mesh off your stick, throw it in the Washer with nothing else but bleach and warm warm water. You may want to put it in something to protect the actual mesh itself, maybe a sock. Something that you don't mind getting bleached. Maybe an old white pillow case, tie it up and throw it in. Throwit in the dryer a few times, it should begin to loosen up.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well what i always do is first streatch it between two large items(ie. two chais) after i soaked it in really hot water for awhile. then after drying it i usually go to thte store and buy some fabric softener and throw it in there it makes for a really good pocket...really soft but not too soft and if it has whip which it usually will tighten the bottom string untill you get the results that you want.

    Good luck from a felllow laxer.

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