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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicOther - Entertainment · 1 decade ago

Why is the lacquer finish on my trombone wearing off so soon?!?

I have had a Blessing open wrap trombone with an f-attachment and a coper bell. I have had it since 8th grade and I'm currently a sophomore in high school. The finish is wearing off in a few places. On the top of the trigger tuning slide, on the cross bar of the trigger tubing, on the trigger itself, and a small spot under the crossbar and bell connection. Why is this happening?! A trombone specialist band director told me that it was just a bad lacquer job. And I also understand that Blessing is not the top of the line, but still. I have taken great care of it washing it in a tub at least once a week with a mild dish-washing soap. Can someone tell me what is happening and why? I couldn't and can't afford another better trombone so this really ticks me off. Should I get it refinished or.........? Any brass experts out there? Please help me, thanks.


That's funny, I've been told to "bathe" my horn this way eer since my first pea shooter. Obviously you are not knowledgeable of this because brass doesn't just rust when wet, if you dry it with a soft cloth its fine. Lol, I just played at a football game in the rain, please.

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  • Kaia
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    1 decade ago
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    Why in the world would you wash a brass instrument in a tub with dish soap? They make special lacquer cleaner, and swabs.

    You never get a brass instrument wet. They rust.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I may not be an expert in the musical instrument field. But it seems that you may need to get it refinished since it has worn off.

    At heres a nice link on how to take care of the insturments, you can also get some expert advice from the place where you get it refinished from.

    Hope this helps you. Njoy....

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