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Evolution? Science? Then prove it please!?

Some answers i received had some explanation that life as we know it was created by science and evolution! Then where did science and evolution come from? You people state that everything was created or "evolved" from something, so where did that something come from? And even if there was nothing in the beginning, then nothing is still something or else it would not have a name right?

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    Man, created by God, had to have a mind, composed of a brain, composed of cells, composed of protein, and so on, down to the atom. It is infinitely complex, so much so, that, science excludes the anecdotal theory that a mind was created in man somewhere along the line of "evolution". So, where along the line did it stop between Neanderthal man and modern man? Between fish and toad, toad and upright man? It explains the physical world, but, not the spiritual world. Science theories, in man's mind, can only disprove facts don't exist; any thing that happens because of a theory that is positive is purely anecdotal in nature; there are thousands upon thousands, an infinite number of occurrences, that happen due to a set of circumstances, because we cannot conceive, due to our own mind's inability to grasp the infinite possibility of God and eternity. Therefore, there is no science but for science's own sake.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Man created science.

    Life created man.

    Everything evolves (even religion and gods).

    Evolution takes place at the cellular, the viral, the bacterial level.

    Since all big things are comprised of small things the changes are difficult to notice (they are slow to occur as well).

    Have you heard of bacteria that become immune to anti-biotic? Evolution!

    Have you seen improved computers?Internet? Evolution!

    Have you seen horse and buggy? Automobiles? Evolution!

    Evolution is a word that attempts to explain the phenomena of constant mutation of an organism, species or system.

    Evolution was deemed a process/discovery by a fellow named Charles Darwin.

    So Science and Evolution are fields of study and observation that are the endeavors of man attempting to make sense of the smallest and largest things we can perceive..

    You are correct on the nothing. The majority of what we perceive and can quantify as our universe appears to be "dark matter" and "dark energy".

    Do you understand lightning? There are not two constant observable or repeatable points from which the lightning originates or terminates, yet lightning strikes.

    Lightning is my simplification of the beginning of our

    observable universe.

    Study nature (all of it), read, think!! You must find your own truths.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There is no beginning or end. It has always been. We think of start and end but let your imagination run wild and conceive that perhaps we have always been here. If you use logic then you come to the conclusion that the original maker had to have been made. You say, "in the beginning there was nothing ..." if that's the case there was also no beginning. You have to take a leap of faith and say, it has always been. Logistically, this makes more "sense".


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  • 1 decade ago

    Your argument is fallacious. You are commiting the fallacy of composition. It is where you take a property from the part of the whole and then apply it to the whole. In this case you are saying, "Everything in the universe has a cause, therefore the universe must have a cause." But this does not logically follow. It is the equivalent of saying, "Everyone in this discussion has a mother, therefore this discussion has a mother."

    Source(s): any book on logic
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