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Can the attorney general of Texas, continue to make you pay child support?

was behind 19k in 1995, went back to court, and was order to pay 200 a month in arearages plus my current. Inever missed a payment again. The new court order had me paying untill 2004, my current support ended in 2000. all monies went toward arearages at that point. November 2004, I received a subpena, and returned to court thinking all was fine, and was finished paying. I was completely supprised, when the Tx. att. Gen. had me 22k behind at this point. Due to intrest, my arrearages were not even covering the intrest due, even thoug i was paying as the court orderd. my son is 23 years old now, he has a child of his own, and i continue to pay his Mother 225.00 monthly for the next 7 years. I have paid her over 50k, will this ever end?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The court that handled the divorce retains jurisdiction forever. I seriously doubt a court order to cover late payments would be set at a level that did not cover interest. You need to check with the court in charge. As most divorce cases are handled by county not state courts, I doubt the State Attorney General has ever heard of your case, much less presented you with a bill.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Oh ... poor baby has to pay for his own baby instead of the honest taxpayers of the state of TX. Tough titties, dude.

    Shouldn't play if you can't pay.

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