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Dawson Creek?

Okay for Dawson Creek fans (you dont have to be a devoted fan, LoL) Answer the questions right (all of them) and the first one to, will get ten points!

1) In season two, episode intitle "Sex, she wrote" list the couples that were thought to have had sex and the couple that did. (hint there are three couples)

2) When and where did Dawson got "pleasured" by another women for the first time? (this is for laughs because the scene was funny if you remeber)

3) In which episode did Jack come out about being gay?

4) Theme song for seasons one and two of Dawsons Creek?

Good luck...and please do not cheat... be honest with answers, cause I may just give it out to those who I think were being honest...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ohmigod I love Dawson's Creek! Season one was the BEST.

    1)Andy and Pacey, Dawson and Jen, and Joey and Jack. Andy and Pacey of course! (But I wonder if the writers knew they would have Dawson's first time be with Jen years later)

    2)not sure -- but I think with Eve? During the pep rally?

    3) I don't know the episode title, but Jack had to read a poem in front of his English class and that started the whole debate. The first person he tell is his dad during an argument

    4) I don't want to wait is the theme. I don't remember then ever changing it...

    Have you seen the pictures of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's baby? Suri is such a cute baby.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    There Boy and girl having sex and drama talk..........

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