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Kim W asked in PetsOther - Pets · 1 decade ago

I just found a catapilar in my rose garden. How do i keep it and watch it molt?

I would like to know if it needs sun, water, food, etc....

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ooh! I just finished raising caterpillars.

    First, you must find out what kind of bug it will turn into. If it's hairy or has fur, it'll be a moth. If it's mostly smooth, it'll be a butterfly.

    Some caterpillars eat only one type of plant. Do an internet search using its colors and hopefully you will find it's species. Or go to your library and find a book about butterflies/moths.

    So, once you find out what kind of bug it is, get a large enough jar to keep it in. A large pickle or applesauce jar will too. Don't underestimate how much room they need. Discard the lid. Secure a tissue with a rubber band over the lid and poke holes into it.

    You will have to supply them with food. When they're little, once everyother day is enough. But soon you'll have to feed them everyday. One or two leaves will do. They will eat the entire time that they are awake, so if it runs out of food, get some fresh stuff. They preffer young, fresh leaves.

    Cleaning is done every other day, or accordingly. They poop ALOT. Take it out of the jar and rinse the jar. Make sure to dry it with a towel or tissue. Do not let it get moist.

    Provide a stick for it to crystalize or cocoon on. And when they are making their cocoon or crysalis, DO NOT disturb them.

    This will only take three or four weeks, five tops. But this late in the year, your bug may not come out of its crysalis until spring. Basicall,y all you need to do now is find out what type it is and be gentle with it.

    Good luck. Take pictures. You'll have fun watching it grow.

    Source(s): Succesfully raised 2 male Monarch butterflies from eggs and released them into the wild. pics at: (they're about in the middle of the page)
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  • 1 decade ago

    place in a large gal jar with holes in tree or bush branches in jar like in the a variety as the eat different kinds mist daily with a fine mist of water and place where it gets sun light but not direct as it will get to hot in jar...hope it works..

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  • 1 decade ago

    idk, when i was little and used to catch bugs lol i would stick them in like one of those special bug jars (like they sell them at the dollar store and they have air holes and stuff) and then i would like stick a twig and leaves and stuff in there and just like leave it on my porch.

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