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Recognition of international qualifications?

I am a national Spanish Philosophy degree holder and I was wondering what my degree would be equivalent to in the UK. This is a five year degree in Spain and I was thinking about going on to doctoral studies or applying for a PGCE course. Most of the providers would ask for a good Honors degree in a relevant field prior to the application for doctoral studies whereas for PGCE courses they would ask for a first or bachelor degree (whether in science or arts). What are these? After almost two years living in this country (UK) I am still not any wiser.

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    1 decade ago
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    Hola, you want to study for an pgce course. With this you be able to teach in the UK. All teachers have to have a pgce if they want to teach. Since your a European citizen and you qualifications are recognize in the UK. Have you wrote to the Department of Education in the UK? If you do decide to study for the pgce you have to have good English. Here a site you should look at.

    Soy mismo aquí el vivir a medias español aquí en Irlanda.

    Buena suerte con sus estudios

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