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Why do i begin to black out when i feel sick to my stomach?

sometimes when i feel i'm about to vomit i start breaking out in a cold sweat and then my vision goes dark. i go and lay on the floor which keeps me from passing out cause i worry what will happen if i loose conscience.

this doesn't happen too often, but it is still a concern. the last time it happened yesterday, and the first time this occured was about 2 years ago.

oh and this isn't alcohal related since i don't drink liquer before this happens.

why is this happening, is it normal? and yes i will take it up with my dr on my next apt. but i would just like another oppinion.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    nausea affects your small and large colons. when you gag or are nauseated it causes pressure in your colon which cause a valsalva affect which leads to vasoconstriction (closing of blood vessels) which leads to light headedness. aka: you press down, you close blood vessel, you get lightheaded. grins

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  • 1 decade ago

    Usually this happens when the blood pressure becomes too low. What you feel, sweating, dizziness and "lots of black spots" in your eyes, are part of a reflex that will warn you to lay down and avoid in such a way to faint.

    If you do not have a familiar history of cardiac problems, such as arrhythmias, valve problems, you are not diabetic or epileptic, and then calm down.

    I believe that what happens to you is related with a very common problem within girls, that makes the blood pressure descend, and then triggers the mentioned reflect.

    What can you do to be sure it is only this?

    As you said, visit your doctor to have a check up and to rule out other more serious causes.

    Once the exams are done, and nothing abnormal happens, then you will have to eat well, including salt intake. If you are just sited do not stand up so fast, that triggers the reflex and you will feel sweat, weakness, nausea, etc. Same while lying down and jumping out from bed. Lying down on the floor, lifting the legs over a chair will solve the inconvenience very easily.

    Yes, it is a quite normal problem of young women. It goes alone with the time and some care - when you feel the symptoms, just go besides a wall and if possible, lay on the ground with your legs up.

    It will help you. Do not worry but go for your check up to rule out the weird other causes from your problem.


    Source(s): I am a Physician
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It could be that you have low blood pressure and when you stand up you get dizzy which makes you sick..

    Low blood pressure will also make you pass out..

    You should see a doc

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  • 1 decade ago

    You may be anemic(however you spell it) It just means you have low levels of iron in your blood

    It happens to my mom alot and i think thats what she said causes it

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