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Tennis buffs: What do you think about Agassi retiring?

He was my favorite.

What about you?

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    All good things have to end. Agassi realized that with his chronic back pains, he cannot compete with the younger players anymore. He went out with class. He retired at the tournament that meant the most to him. He will be missed.

  • I wish he would've retired after last year's US Open. I'm a big fan of Agassi, but it was painful to watch him limp around the court yesterday against Becker. I guess he made a lot of money off of endorsements and made his sponsors happy by playing this year though......

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    I think he's a really great tennis player and i think that retiring was good because he has back pains and he's been playing for 20 years....

  • I am not a great tennis fan but I know that the poor guy is having huge problems with his knees. Once that starts you need to search a less strenuous lifestyle.

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    He is a great player not soon to be forgotten. I think he chose the right time he is still high in the rankings and now with all the young talent coming in it would be hard to keep up with them.

  • robee
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    It's good to retire when you are almost on top. Tennis will miss him.

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    He was a great player and I hate to see him go, but at the same time, I am glad because he was in tons of pain toward the end of his career.

  • Anonymous
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    He was my favourite too, i'll miss watching him and i'm kind of annoyed that i never got the chance to see him play at Wimbledon.

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    One of tennis' best ever and a man with integrity. 100% class.

    His contributions have made the sport better and his legacy will live on.

    ├ Ästi↔£é↔Vî§ta André and... thanks for the memories.

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    bad finish but he will forever be the best player and a legendary armenian

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