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Rate my fantasy football team!!!!!1?

Can you please rate my fantasy football team and give me some tips on what I should do.

Here is the list of my team:

QB D. McNabb

WR A. Boldin

WR R. Moss

WR D. Mason

RB L. Johnson

RB R. Bush

TE J. Witten

BN D. Foster (RB)

BN D. Bledsoe (QB)

BN K. Curtis (WR)

BN J. Stevens (TE)

BN B. Edwards (WR)

K J. Feely

DEF Tampa Bay

BN Dallas (DEF)

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    QB- Pretty solid. Keep an eye on Bledsoe, word is Parcells likes Romo.

    WR- About as good as it gets. Playmakers and Possesion WRS.

    RB-A bit weak here. Johnson is great, but Bush will share carries (Duece is still the goal-line back), and DeAngelo Williams will eat Deshaun Foster's PT.

    TE-Witten and Stevens are pretty good.

    DEF- Again good D's

    K- Feely should get plenty of chances.

    Overall pretty good, but one injury at RB from disaster.

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    WRs are good but Curtis is still #3 sadly...he'll deliver on the three bye weeks but not enough...And Edwards hasn't shown much of his skill thus you may want to scout for another WR...but if not, you shouldn't have many problems with them. RBs....Bush? Ouch..don't start him until New Orleans does. For week 1 use DeShaun Foster...he dominated Atlanta last season and wasn't even the starter for the first game they played and still put numbers on them. If he stays healthy, you may want to keep him on the line-up instead of Bush for right now. QBs are fine, no need to worry about those. TEs...Witten should have a great season, and Stevens...well we'll see about him..but not a bad backup that's for sure.

    On a 1-10 scale I can't say I applaud your RB situation with Reggie Bush as of right now, but we'll see in a few weeks if I'm I'll give you an 8...need a back up WR that'll start and deliver and maybe another RB

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    your bench sucks and tampa bay's defense is suspect. you forget they play in the nfc south with carolina and atlanta. look at the offensive players on those team. there is a lot of points they are going to give up in the those games. none of your bench players are going to do anything for you. maybe bledsoe. for the most part they are either coming off injuries or under performers. so your best case scenario is to hope none of your starters get hurt. mcnabb plays in the nfc central and doesnt have good receivers or a decent back. boldin is great, moss was great, mason wont give u big numbers. johnson is great. bush will be great. witten plays in dallas were terry glenn will get most of the balls and stats. so the starters look pretty good.

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    Very solid team. Foster is a question mark tho b/c of his injury problems. Curtis is a sleeper pick and so is edwards. Mason looks to be in some injury trouble so thank god that you have edwards. he is going to come out w/a great year this year. Stevens and Bledsoe are question marks cuz Stevens isnt reliable and the line around Bledsoe will be his Achilles heel.

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    Pretty solid lineup but your bench is hurting...although stashing away Edwards was pretty smart.

    Hope that Larry Johnson has a huge game in week 1, then try to trade him for LT or Alexander. LJ will hit the wall by Thanksgiving because the Chiefs have no one to throw the ball to.

    Grab Wali Lundy of Houston if he's available (he might be) and start him over Bush.

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    love the starters, hate ur bench. ur reserve QB is in the NFC, plus he gonna play with T.O(DOUCHE), which means hes gonna have to air it out more, which is kinda not good. ur reserve RB is injury prone (scary). ur reserve TE will not get the ball enough to make an impact (because of Shaun the great). Braylon Edwards wont get the ball enough also, but it will be because Cleveland's offense will not be on the field long enough. Kevin Curtis... Brandon Stokley he's not. Marc Bulger will throw more INT'S then to this guy. Other than all that, ur team is ok.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

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    Well you have the top pick in the draft in LJ and you have an excellent defense in Tampa Bay. I like McNabb but he doesn't have a truly great target to throw to this year. Even with McNabb not having a go to target he should put up McNabb like numbers.

    7.5/10 for the rating.

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    I'd give it a 7. J. Stevens is out for 6 weeks due to injury. There are a lot of better Q.B's than McNabb, but your running backs are strong, and the receiving core looks pretty good. Good Luck

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    QB-Mcnabb doesnt have Owens anymore, so he wont be as good anymore. LJ is good but I would of taken Alexander #1 overall.

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    Start foster over bush and then you really have something. Very solid team though. I give it a 8.5

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