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英文好的幫幫忙吧 文法&拼字&內容 ~特級件~

我要交作業請幫幫忙 注意!! 文法&拼字&內容:

Today is Saturday.Father,mother,brother end I be going to the beach.We Shell out on the beach at noon.Dinner finish we are going to hotel.


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    today is saturday.

    dad, mom, my brother and i are going to the beach.

    we will sail the yacht out on the sea at noon. (shell out means pay up, if that is what you meant it.)

    we will go to the hotel after we finished the dinner.

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    Today is Saturday.

    Father, Mother, my brother and I are going to the beach.

    (不是故意要充篇幅的話用 My whole family 就好了)


    After dinner, we are going to the hotel.

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