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    I am ooo, is born to the Taiwan Province Nantou city, had been born to

    1983 on August 28, in the family the member is simple, besides me with

    the parents, meanwhile has 2 younger brothers. The father is engaged

    in the official, the mother is responsible for the family to manage, 2

    younger brothers all also in go study study, because the parents

    extremely take children's education, therefore besides the school

    schoolwork, also many pays great attention to regarding children's

    interpersonal relationship and the talent and skill, also as a result

    of parents' enlightened education way, raises I independent

    responsible individuality.

    My individuality lively extroversion, 善長 surges with the person

    communication and the mental ability, in studied with seeks employment

    in the process still to be smoothly, the parents extremely respected

    me the idea, lets the branch which I chose oneself likes was goes

    study, displayed manager in this domain. Because the individuality

    causes however, likes studying studies the new thing and the challenge

    different domain knowledge, therefore often has the new study

    opportunity, I all can dare to study and the attempt, and from middle

    school to many experiences.

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    From country time because of to computer aspect interest, thereforelet me contact the computer on the one hand to study on the one handthe study computer technology, has completed the country middle schoolindustry under the work-study program,

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    Certainly is not in family's economy lets me have to want thework-study program only is oneself wants to let oneself studyinterpersonally is together with the independent individualitydisciplines,

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