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How is my fantasy baseball team looking heading into the playoffs?

I have already clinched a playoff spot.

10 team league, with 6 team playoffs. I am the 5 seed. Playoffs start tomorrow.

C- Victor Martinez

1B- Lyle Overbay

2B- Tadahito Iguchi

3B- Miguel Cabrera

SS- Orlando Cabrera

LF- Jason Bay

CF- Juan Pierre

RF- Jeff Francouer

Utility- Garret Atkins

Utility- Joe Crede

Bench- Juan Rivera

Bench- Ryan Freel

SP- Roy Oswalt

SP- Jered Weaver

SP- Josh Johnson

SP- Jeff Francis

RP- Joe Borowski

RP- Justin Duchscherer (filling in for Huston Street)

P- Scott Olsen

P- Jose Contreras

Bench- Ben Sheets

Bench- Jason Jennings

Bench- Freddy Garcia

DL- Francisco Liriano

DL- Huston Street

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    your team is full of a lot of role playing baseball athletes those who just blend in with the rest there is no great player on your team who can put up great daily numbers these are who you would love to have together on a real baseball team not a fantasy but no doubt about it your team is pretty good so good they got you to the playoffs thats two thumbs up for you and good luck peace .

  • luby
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    4 years ago

    Pedroia formally got here off the DL on the instantaneous, and that i have already positioned him into my lineup. you need to, too. except that, you extremely seem fantastically good. Hellickson gained't have an SP activity, so he extremely wouldn't have any value via some thing of the year. keep him in concepts on draft day 2011, yet he's alright to drop now. once you do drop him, i ought to upload yet another in the direction of ascertain that you declare the SV class a week (and closers are oftentimes useful on era and WHIP, too). the different useful decision is to seem ahead at how the playoff seeding is going to pass and regulate your roster thus. for instance, I already comprehend who i'd be playing in the first playoffs week, and that i do not journey up nicely adversarial to him. both circumstances we performed this season, the outcome replaced into 5-4-a million. I blew him out in 4 diverse varieties, somewhat gained one, and tied a sixth. it really is too close for convenience. So when I play him in the playoffs, i will sit down Aubrey Huff in choose of Brett Gardner. Huff is more effective at HR & RBI, yet I win those diverse varieties via a landslide. Steals we are continuously extremely close, and Gardner could push me extreme. take a seem at what you want to conquer your opponent for that week, and ascertain it really is what you've on your crew.

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    Looks pretty weak dude.

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