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Boston Red Sox?

I need info...being a female and all lol .... give me some good stuff on the boston red sox so i can actually act like i know what im talking about


ok my boyfriend is a red sox fan....i can't say they suck...

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    The Boston Red Sox are based in Boston, MA. They have a pole in right field that is yellow and that is called the Pesky Pole, named after a great baseball player Johnny Pesky, who you will see sitting in the dugout with the other guys all the time. You have the big Green Wall in center field named the Green Monster and on the inside of that wall where the score board is, you will see a whole bunch of signatures signed by people and players over the years.

    The Citgo sign that is above the green monster is like a monument to Fenway Park. Kind of like the statue of Babe Ruth is to Yankee Stadium. Fenway Park is the number one oldest ballpark around now.

    The fans of Boston Red Sox are known as Red Sox Nation. We have been through everything together like a big huge family! All the ups and downs of the seasons. The wins and loses. You name it, we've lived it. Sure, Yankee fans put us down because we are so much part of the game but hey, that's their opinion and we believe in our big family no matter what and we stick by them. No matter how hard it is.

    We won the World Series in 2004 for the first time in 86 years. Trust me, alot of people died that night! No word of a lie either.

    Theo Epstein is the General Manager and Vice- President of the Boston Red Sox. Terry Franconia is the Manager of the team.

    Jason Varitek is the Captain of the team and also the catcher.

    Doug Mirabelli is a catcher also and usually catches for Tim Wakefield who is a knuckle ball pitcher.

    Javy Lopez is also a catcher

    Curt Schilling, Tim Wakefield, And Josh Beckett are our starting pitchers (means that they begin the game first)

    Kevin Youkilis is the First baseman

    Mark Loretta is the Second baseman

    Mike Lowell is the Third baseman

    Alex Gonzalez is the Shortstop (that is between 2nd and 3rd bases)

    Manny Ramirez is the Left field catcher

    Trot Nixon is the Right Field catcher

    Coco Crisp is the Centerfielder catcher

    David Ortiz (Big Papi) is the DH (Designated Hitter)

    the other players are:

    Alex Cora

    Wily Mo Pena

    Carlos Pena (No relation to Wily Mo)

    Erik Hinske

    David Murphy

    Gabe Kapler

    and Dustin Pedoria are known as Utility Players which means they can be placed anywhere on the field when they are needed. They are very flexible in their playing skills. Always good to have.

    We have 3 songs that are usually played at the games.

    1. Sweet Caroline

    2. Tessie

    and 3. Dirty Water

    We have farm leauges also.

    They are:

    Triple A Pawtucket (this is usually the final step before getting to the big games at Fenway), they are based in Pawtucket, RI

    Double A Portland Seadogs

    They are located in Portland, ME

    Then you have the Single A leagues:

    Wilmington Blue Rocks in Wilmington, DE

    Greenville Drive in Greenville, SC

    and the Lowell Spinners in Lowell, MA

    I hope I haven't over loaded you with too much info...but these are basically the basics. Watch a few games with your boyfriend or on your own to help out a little bit more. Have fun!

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    Boston Red Sox fans are faithful. If you would like to immerse yourself in some quick Red Sox lore, try Stephen King's Faithful. Also rent Fever Pitch with Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore about the Red Sox 2004 World Series season. It has valuable insights into the psyche of Red Sox fans. Going to Fenway is great fun. They close off the street around the park and people crowd around kiosks from restaurants like Legal Seafood, Luis Tiant's Cuban food (he used to pitch for the Red Sox) and Hilltop Steakhouse (yum). In the 8th inning, they play Sweet Caroline and everyone sings along. If the Red Sox win, they will play Dirty Water and Tessie. If anyone is stupid enough to wear Yankee gear (it's inevitable), the crowd will yell Yankees suck, even if the Red Sox are playing the Devil Rays. The Yankees are everything big, corporate and loathesome about New York. The Red Sox are the perpetual bridesmaids. Good luck

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    If you want to know statistics then check out www.redsox.com.

    Basically though, fans like you as long as you hate the Yankees.

    Here are the key players:

    David Ortiz (Big Papi or Papi) = Great hitter especially when the game is on the line

    Manny Ramirez = Goofy but great power hitter

    Jonathan Papelbon = Rookie closer who is already one of the best in the game

    Johnny Damon (Yankee) = Probably best not to bring this guy up

    Curt Shilling = Old but still good starting pitcher who pitches well during big games

    Trot Nixon = Power hitter who keeps getting injured

    Jon Lester = Rookie starting pitcher just diagnosed with lymphoma

    Jason Varitek = Veteren catcher and leader of the team who is hurt but returning soon

    Terry Francona (some people call him Tito) = teams manager, some like him and others hate him

    Following people are hurt = (Ortiz, Ramirez, Pena, Lester, Papelbon, Nixon, Varitek)

    Im sorry if I've overloaded you with info so just take whatever you can use and try not to bring up the playoffs...things are not looking too good.

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    The are one of the oldest teams in the league and their history is deep and intense. No way to sum them up in an answer like this. Get a copy of the Red Sox Reader by Dan Riley. That's a start.

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    To know them is to love, they will break your heart, but you have to love them and the history behind them, the greatest rivalry is the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees, it Will forever be this way until the end of time....God Bless Red Sox Nation

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    They suck big time and they won't win another world Series until 2090. David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez are gay lovers and are planning to have their wedding this October, because that way, it will be during the offseason since they won't make the playoffs. Also, the Green Monster is located at their stadium. It is called that because it is green with envy of all the times the Yankees have beaten the crap out of the Red Sux and how they have 20 more World Series wins.

    The guy who answered third about the courtroom story is a genius. I laughed so hard because it it so true.

    Boston sucks, become a Yankees fan so you won't have to suffer

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    They play their home games at Fenway Park, which is one of the oldest parks in the major leagues. The left field fence is affectionately known as "The Green Monster" because it is painted green and is so high.

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    the boston redsox are a baseball team and baberuth was on there team and then he got traded to the yanks and he cursed there team so the redsox would never win a world series again and a couple years ago the did and broke the curse!

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    Their Stadium have the Green Monster on left field.

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