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Donner Kebabs, are they unhealthy?

What is donner meat anyway, is it fat laden?

often they come with lettuce, tomatoe and coleslaw which should be healthy.

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    Doner meat is mostly lamb and yes, it is quite unhealthy as it contains a major amount of animal fat. Whatever vegetable and salad comes with it does not make it healthy :-) However, if you eat at a good restaurant, it is really delicious.

    In any case do not eat doner kebab in Europe. I've never eaten a good one here.

    Try for example Iskender Kebab (kind of doner kebab) if you ever go to Turkey and pass through Bursa... the meat used in that one is from the cows in the mountains with much less fat and you really notice the taste difference. Now that's heavenly...

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    Source(s): Perfect Paleo Recipe Guide :
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    Is Doner Kebab Healthy

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    The crappy ones from the scruffy takeaway are!!

    Best donner kebab I had was in Turkey..

    chicken breast with spices wrapped aronund a pole with tomatoes and chillies to enhance the flavour. All this in special freshley baked bread with salad and garlic sauce.

    They were the best.

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    I saw something about them once that said that all the meat that's rubbish and no one wants for other ready-made meals etc. is thrown together and used for donner meat. Not very appetising is it?

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    I used to live in the UK and I miss Donner Kebabs.... anyone know where I could get one in Winnipeg??

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    Someone tell me what you're talking about. Does'nt Donner refer to the Donner Party? Where do you get a Donner Kebob?

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    Fisrtly, it's pressed lamb. Secondly, you know they always say to keep cooked and raw meat apart? Well a kebab is both rolled into one. It's constantly being heated & cooled, so the bugs have a great time.

    Have I put you off yet? It's no surprise that people only buy them when they are too drunk to care.

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    the meat is made out of processed lamb and herbs mixed sound rotten but man are they lovely.the donner is the king of fast food.

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    majorly unhealthy, unless its early in the mornin when the fools have just put on the big slab of ****-on-a-spike.. 1 in the mornin an you buy something thats been sweated on, poked, cooked and recooked, heated and reheated a hundred times, perspired, and has been sitting there with all that **** for 17 hours or so.. do you know how un hygienic an un healthy that shiit is...

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