Am I the only person who considers wearing a hat at dinner table rude? I see it all the time at restaurants.?

This was always a strict rule in my home. Am I the only one bothered by this?

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    I think it is very rude. I think it is rude not to take your hat off when dining whether at a restaurant, or in your home. In the military, you are required to remove your hat, beret, etc..upon entering a building! My boys know that the hats come off entering the house or if we are eating whether home or out. They generally do not wear hats unless it is raining outside or it's a really bad hair day, they arenot even allowed to wear them at school.

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    I'm in agreement with a lot of the folks here. It is generally impolite, however, we have become accustomed to the more relaxed environment that some restaurants offer.

    For example, McDonald's, I don't expect to see people take their hats off. For a casual or formal dining restaurant, absolutely.

    Exceptions can exist however, such as at diners or truck stops. Or, as one person mentioned, in Texas, where hats have become a strong part of the culture.

    On the other hand, if a woman is wearing what is considered a lady's hat (not a ball cap or something like that), then it is acceptable to keep it on. To me, the rule only applies to gentlemen.

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    No your not the only person bothered by this. It is incredibly rude to wear a hat at the dinner table but if you ask me i think that the media has made it more acceptable for people from my generation to do it. If you look around a restaurant you don't see 40 and 50 year old men wearing hats at the dinner table,9 times out of 10 its usually guys in their early 20's and younger. Look at who they consider their role models! Its not Tiger Woods and Bryant Gumble, its 50 cents and puff daddy! No wonder they wear hats at the dinner table!

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    There was a time when a man or woman would not go out into public without wearing a suit or dress.

    I am disgusted by women that go to the store in jogging pants and look like they just rolled out of bed.

    Wearing of hats indoors is impolite and should be removed especially at the dinner table.

    You would be amazed that at sporting events that the people who do not remove there hats at the singing of the national anthem.

    Also the ones who can't seem to find there heart also.

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    No, it is a rule of etiquette to take your hat off at the dinner table. Many people don't seem to be aware of this, or just don't care. With all the different cultures, and so many casual dining restaurants I think we've been a little de-sensitized to it all.

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    I grew up in Southern California. We had to have shoes and a shirt on and no hat before eating at the dinner table. Well, I live in rural Illinois. People are more laid back. It is perfectly acceptable to eat at the dinner table without shoes or a shirt on and a hat. That's RUDE!

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    I would not leave my hat on while eating inside, but times change and things are more casual now. However, I think people should have common sense as to what is appropriate for the situation. Do these same people wear a hat to bed? Would they wear a hat while interviewing for a white collar job?

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    I see no reason to keep a hat on at the dinner table.

    Somewhere in time, hats became a fashion statement and it became acceptable to keep the hat on at the dinner table.

    Its always been acceptable for a woman;perhaps that is the reason for the confusion

    I believe there was a rule that directed men to remove their hat /headgear in the presence of a woman; that seems to have gone out the window as well.

    I'm with you

    PLEASE remove your hats, caps, scarves, doo-rags,etc at the dinner table

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    Your question reminds me of plain simple manners. Like

    1. A gentleman opening the door for a lady.

    2. A gentleman offering his seat to a lady.

    3. Eating (mostly at home) without a shirt on.

    4. Burping loudly or passing wind loudly

    5. Using foul language in the presence of a lady or children

    All these depend on the individual. Common courtesy should prevail.

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    It all depends at what type of restaurant u are at. However, now a day everything seems to be more acceptable. If you don't like seeing hats at dinner tables, than i suggest going to pricey places.

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