What is Environmental Engineering ?

I will be grateful to you if you tell me

1) what the students of this course study ?

2) what are its prospects in modern & future world ?

3) what are the employment opoortunities ?

4) What is it's reputation in engineering department ?

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    My son is an Environmental Engineer. He was employed locally in less than two weeks after graduation in an environmental consultant firm.

    He studied courses in chemistry, biology, bio-chemistry and all of the standard required courses for an engineering degree.

    The opportunities and demand for environmental engineers and environmental scientists seems to be very good. My son is constantly traveling around to different road projects and construction sites, analyzing, mapping and surveying wet lands, determining if the projects are detrimental to the environment or wildlife and consulting with the contractors to suggest alternative options when the projects need to set aside wet lands or be rerouted or, in some cases, relocated completely. He uses maps and GPS equipment and puts up little, different colored flags all over the area. Constantly writing reports and sending maps and areal photos to the EPA and local businesses that will or might be impacted by a proposed project.

    He is doing well and really seems to like the work he is doing.

    The reputation in the engineering department? A lot of ribbing for being a "tree hugger", but it is all in good fun - and he feels he is doing his part to help preserve the environment and wildlife, and that's a pretty noble goal.

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    Every student have to study all the basics of engineering (Maths, Physics, Chem. , Mechanics, Electrical Eng.)

    Every University has a diffrent list of courses about every speciality. You shoud see the program for each from its web site.

    This course is about saving the enviroment :). I mean what kind of pollusion exists, how to prevent them, where to trow our garbage, toxics... Something like this (but a lot complicated)

    The Environmental Engineering is an obligation of every factory and a lot of departments so there shoud be opportunities. And you can do a search in any job site to see the vacant places and salaries.

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