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心靈雞湯英文版 一篇


長短不限 希望能一頁印完


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    What’s Really Important

    A few years ago at the Seattle Special Olympics, nine contestants, all physically or mentally disabled, assembled at the startling line for the100-yard dash. At the gun they all started out, not exactly in a dash, but with the relish to run the race to the finish and win.

    All, that is, except one boy who stumbled on the asphalt, tumbled over a couple of times, and began to cry. The other eight heard the boy cry. They slowed down and paused. Then they all turned around and went back. Every one of them. One girl with Down’s syndrome bent down and kissed him and said, “This will make it better.” Then all nine linked arms and walked together to the finish line.

    Everyone in the stadium stood, and the cheering went on for 10 minutes.

    Author Unknown

    Submitted by Bob French






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    我買了心靈雞湯,這樣po上來,作者應該會原諒我吧 -_-b

    Source(s): 心靈雞湯就在手上的我
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    Steal What?

    This story took place several years ago, when our boys were about eight years old. It was the first game of the season, and the first game in which the boys began pitching. I went out to discuss ground rules with the umpire and realized that is was also the first year that the boys could steal bases. Unfortunately, we had not gone over this in practice. So I hurried back to the dugout, gathered my players and proceeded to go over the rules. As I got to the subject of stealing bases, I announced enthusiastically, "And this year we get to steal!" The news caused the boys to erupt into yelling and cheering. Their response left me thinking positively that this might all work out okay after all. Then the cheers died down, and as our team was about to take the field, one player loudly exclaimed, "Steal what?!" I let out a groan as I realized that the question had come from my son!

    By Cary McMahon

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    版權問題, 無法張貼, 請自行上網瀏覽

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