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如題,但是我不是要找他們合唱的這首歌,而是要找艾爾頓強在這首合唱曲中獨唱的歌名叫什麼名字(有出現follw me字眼)?因為艾爾頓強的這首歌好像很有歷史了,所以希望知道的人可以告知,謝謝。



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    "Indian Sunset" ~ Elton JohnAs I awoke this evening with the smell of wood smoke clingingLike a gentle cobweb hanging upon a painted tepeeOh I went to see my chieftain with my warlance and my womanFor he told us that the yellow moon would very soon be leavingThis I can't believe I said, I can't believe our warlord's deadOh he would not leave the chosen ones to the buzzards and the soldiers gunsOh great father of the Iroquois ever since I was youngI've read the writing of the smoke and breast fed on the sound of drumsI've learned to hurl the tomahawk and ride a painted pony wildTo run the gauntlet of the Sioux, to make a chieftain's daughter mineAnd now you ask that I should watchThe red man's race be slowly crushedWhat kind of words are these to hearFrom Yellow Dog whom white man fearsI take only what is mine Lord, my pony, my squaw, and my childI can't stay to see you die along with my tribe's prideI go to search for the yellow moon and the fathers of our sonsWhere the red sun sinks in the hills of gold and the healing waters runTrampling down the prairie rose leaving hoof tracks in the sandThose who wish to follow me I welcome with my handsI heard from passing renegades Geronimo was deadHe'd been laying down his weapons when they filled him full of leadNow there seems no reason why I should carry onIn this land that once was my land I can't find a homeIt's lonely and it's quiet and the horse soldiers are comingAnd I think it's time I strung my bow and ceased my senseless runningFor soon I'll find the yellow moon along with my loved onesWhere the buffalos graze in clover fields without the sound of gunsAnd the red sun sinks at last into the hills of goldAnd peace to this young warrior comes with a bullet hole

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