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Who else claims El Paso Free Of Crime?

angela R and Alberto both claim any news in the EL PASO sun is nothing but pure lies. Alberto maintains last major crime in EL Paso is ever 200 hundred resilting from a parking ticket. angela R claims El Paso is the 3rd richest city in America the average cost of house is well over 150 $ angela's hubby Albero leave doors unlocxked, keys in car.Alberto claims El Paso has no law he knows of $ 99k sitting in bank in case the law dogs are ever need if for crime. Ang shows el paso have none . zero. ELPaso savest cito


BTW angela R I reported your nasty e-mail talking about vet's only homeless from drugs and how dareyou insult my parents, cussed them out like shook down U.S.A.You keep saying I am Foxes wife. You report - I repory angela I report u leave your smell like an alley cat. Mexicans are stealing VETS JOBS DISPITE UR CLAIM NONE ARE

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    ANALa R wouldn't know the truth if it bit her in the as s cheek!! I don't care how credible the news source is, she will say it's slanted or biased. Yet, she NEVER brings any facts or credibility to her "debate." This girl is so racist against whites but does she love to whine about how pobre all her opressed amigos are.....give me a break!! She is a total fake!

    Thank you for bringing this to everyone's attention and let me say, I agree with you. If I could, I would shake your hand.

    Anala, it looks like you have been made a fool of AGAIN!!

    What did you tell me...."Paybacks a beotch!" I guess you would know....

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    I have been to El Paso one time and let's just say ONCE was enough!! My old boss had a brand new car ....still had paper plates and was stolen right out of the hotel parking lot !! I said I would not ever go back there and I was serious. The cop who did the report said it was most likely already in Mexico, and we would never see it (car) again !!! Now granted this was at least 10 + years ago, but you know the saying The first impression is a Lasting impression........

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    4 years ago

    i don't be responsive to concerning to the crime fee. We did not have many issues, nor heard of too many as quickly as we've been stationed there for over 2 years yet i may be difficult pressed in charge the kinfolk violence calls ALL on Hispanics. El Paso has a extensive armed forces presence and "presently" the burden placed on our armed forces has made abode life very ruff for some. With the consistent turn around (one twelve months right here and one twelve months in Iraq), i might think of households are wore skinny. we live in a armed forces city NOW and our enjoyed ones violence calls are magnificent over the final 2 years. i'm not asserting the crime fee is low.......I only think of this additionally has an consequence.

  • First of all I answered something like this before. El Paso has less crime than many--because they have more police than New York per square mile.

    Who pays for that? The rest of Texas! They had so much crime at one time-something had to be done. Who wouldn't love the ratio they have of law enforcement? But The rest of the States had to pick up the tab that was needed in other benefits. I would like to see more law enforcement where I live too-but my local government wants to pay for other things--and not let others carry our debt.

    El Paso's local government doesn't care about being a burden in other areas-as long as they can say we live in a low crime area. Corruption!

    If they Had to cover everything including their county's benefits (which is State) they would lose their law enforcement down to nothing.

    I guess you can say-they can thank the whole State of Texas for carry them so they can live better.

    One nice thing is Texas itself knows they will have to start making cuts (they can't cover much longer and other States have their own problems). I am waiting to see the crying-than!

    If some want too-Do your own homework on web--I did it a long time ago.

    By the way--I have see lies from some here--big ones-whoopers!

    source for Fox

    o day our yay wn oway ork way

    Add on

    Angelo-Gutter Rat-please read Al's post-so your brain isn't over taxed. Your answer is there. And try to think for a change. Please go back to the trailer.

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    yeah i have been to el paso alot and crime free is not a term i would use for that city. and where did she read it is the 3rd richest city?

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    I live in the top 10 most livable cities. We have crime. No one could have zero crime, especially in El Paso. That is a very broad statement having been made. source: aboon bays re ay oming cay atch way. :)

    ~Add on~

    Angela R and Monkey NANCY.. you two are the only ones I see stirring your damm pots and calling ppl out. Both of you are baboons to say the least... See how ineffective name calling is?

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    1 decade ago

    Ive been to every state in our nation. I can say Ive been to "most" cities over 200,000 people. In all my travels, El Paso is the biggest arm pit Ive ever been to. I say we give it to Mexico.

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    There is no a single city that is completely free of crime. Ditto.

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    I think that this is a valid argument,

    For not typing and drinking. Good fight though. DING! Round two!

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    1 decade ago

    There is no such place as a city without crime....

    El Paso has proven to have less crime than many other cities with that much population even with it being right next to the border..

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