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Throat Question?

I am a smoker and just the other day i coughed up an odd looking blister which appears to be from the back of my throat, and now my throat hurts like hell, is this cancer, cause honestly the blister looked bloody a bit, and i had a little bit of blood that was mixed with some saliva i spit up as well for a bit, the bleedings gone but im wondering if should get it checked out, or if its just a sore throat, it was uncommonly cool when i slept the other night too im wondering if it has anything to do with it. Need some help!! Thanks

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    If you are still smoking, why are you worried about your health?

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    The only way to know is for a doctor to preform an Upper-GI.

    It could be that when you inhaled earlier the embers were close to the filter and the inhaled smoke was hot enough to blister the sensitive parts of your esophagus.

    Think back did you eat something hot as in temperature or even spices? There are too many ifs and could Be's but cancer?

    Look if you are concerned please go see your doctor, that's what they went to school for. To keep us healthy enough to pay their student loans :)

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    If it was me, I'd at least call my doctor and see what he said. Coughing up anything bloody can definitely be a sign of cancer. Not a definite sign, but certainly a symptom of a bigger problem. Better safe than sorry.

    Source(s): I'm an RN with 2 years experience with cancer patients.
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    I dont believe so maybe it sounds like you have strep throat goggle with warm water and salt that will ease the pain..

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    Honey, honestly that doesn't sound like cancer it sounds like something else you need to go and get tested.

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    I, personally, think that if you cough up blood at any should definitely get it checked out.

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    Take the blister to your physician so it can be biopsied.

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    I can't say if it's cancer or not. But it sounds suspicious.

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