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discharg a sign of pregnancy or period?

at the end of cycle while expecting period is discharge a sign of pregnancy or period ?,and naturally whit two missing days of period.i have heard at the end of cycle there is not any discharge.

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    This is my first month ttc and I am due this week for my period. I also am experiencing discharge. I have read that it could be a sign of pregnancy due to the mucus plug. However, i'm not sure when the mucus plug starts. I also chart my menstrual cycles and noticed before I got my period I had little amount of discharge. Since you have missed your period I would get a hpt or get blood work done at doctors! Good Luck to you!

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    there is discharge at the end of ur period ur not pregnant ur period might just be a little lat noyhing to worry about if ur s.a. u should probably not....u could get pregerzzz

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    It's a possible sign of pregnancy.

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    i think they will...but i am not sure...

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