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Why am i not loosing any weight i work my butt off!?

Im 5ft and 784 lb and eat like a bird, i go to Mcdonalds only 7 times a day and order natural stuff like large french fries and a fish sandwich at lunch and big mac for dinner i only eat 2 times a day. breakfast:3 trips to mcdonalds dinner:4 trips to mcdonalds snacks:an apple so why aint i loosing and every day. I work hard sitting on the couch moving my fingures 24/7 to flip the remote till i sweat and worst of all I got to get up when my butt itches!!!!i dont get it i know what your thinking poor me, why aint I looseing?


am i not putting enough ketchup or salt on my fries?

Update 2:

OMG only 1 person knew i was jking well what were you about to say..............

Update 3:

I HATE junk food lol id rather die then eat it

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    You haven't been washing down your meals with a cup of grease ya silly! Do that and don't work out so hard and you'll be burning calories in no time!

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    decrease out candies and delicate beverages. Drink purely water, milk, and oj or a hundred% grape juice. This in spite of the shown fact which will yield purely a small volume of fat loss. with a view to rather gain what you like, you're gonna could desire to chew the bullet and workout. yet there's a variety it is relaxing, and that each and every person can do, regardless of weight. Sprinting. Sounds lame yet as quickly as you start up off appearing some sprint training, this is going to take you back to the time you're a toddler while being chased on the playground, working finished tilt. relaxing and incredibly clever.

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    You're not losing weight because of your diet

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    i seriously think you're making things up

    if you're telling me you're 5 ft and weigh over 700 lbs. you're already dead

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    start with walking, squats, skipping and end up with floor stretching

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    stop eating junk

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    Meat is meat. It's who you are that's important honey. And who you are is ugly as hell.

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    i don;t get it!! You are putting in the work. it must be glandular.

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    Ha Ha. Your so funny.


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