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Why can’t federal agencies attack problems by producing and implementing a coherent systematic policy?

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    Are you being facetious?

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    Where to start... Well Federal agencies can only implement the laws that Congress makes and the President signs and the judiciary determines are constitutional. That sets up a number of problems there - too many competing interests from the different groups. Plus, with federal agencies being given a small fraction of an issue to work on (e.g., Welfare policies may be implemented/regulated by the Labor Department, Health and Human Services and Agriculture), the system is just not set up for success.

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    Government is filled with people who are not smart enough or qualified to get a real job. So logically, the stupidest and most inept people in the country are running it. Scary, eh?

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    Because the federal government is not a coherent system.

    They are so bloated and disorganized, they cannot be coherent.

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