Places to Go for Birthday Party?

My daughter is turning 5 October 1st. I want to do something special for her. I want to have her party some where. Not to sure where to have it. I don't really want to take her to Chucky E Cheese. It seem that everyone takes there kids there. That and she doesn't know alot of kids her age. We live in MI so its kinda cold to have it at a park or something.

Anyone have any Ideas?!?

Please help. I'm lost at what to do.

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    my daughter turned 6 in June, and for her party this year, as well as last year, i had her party at a nearby rec centre.

    it is relatively inexpensive and you can chose what room to have it in. we usually swim for an hour (indoor pool) and then go to the craft room for cake and presents. we then go to the gym (or playground outside depending on the weather) and play.

    alternatively, you could have her party at McDonald's .. still popular with kids and no clean up afterwards :o)

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    Things I have heard is.....bowling parties, make over parties, have her take a friend and get their nails painted, I have also heard of a Mom renting a hotel room with her daughter and then arranging it with the hotel to have a little pool party at the hotel. You could also just make a weekend with her and do a lot of grown up girl stuff with just you and her!! Good luck!!!

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    hey well i am young i am 11 but you could have a party in the house just get lodes of candy and some crisps(chips) an then go on the Internet an print of some nice pictures an stick them up saying happy birthday an a cake an some music she will love it!!!!

    hope you get it right good luck!

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    it depends from which country you are.

    i've taken my daughter to a ball park in wembley called Fantacy Island. They have alot of activities and they do all the catering.

    all i had to do it bring the cake. they supply invitations, party bags and gifts for the kids. there is a huge play area and a restuarant for parents. kids get a menu to choose from and get free drinks.

    have a look on the website for activity areas.

    it is very similar to the wacky warehouse.

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  • 1 decade ago

    How about a farm, to go pumpkin or apple picking. We have a few around here. The kids can paint pumpkins, go on a wagon ride, make a scarecrow and pet the animals ( goats, sheep, etc)

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    How about a gymnastics club? Kids love to bounce on trampolines and roll around on the mats etc. We have one in our town that you can rent by the hour per kid. It's always a big hit.

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    How about a Mad Hatter's tea party thrown at a friends or your house, or even at cafe or something to that effect. You could wear dress up hats and gloves and such.

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    How about some kinda "play house for kids" or something to that effect?

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    Take her to someone's house and throw her a party in their backyard. Make them pay for everything!

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    movie theater host birthday parties..or you can hire someone and have a themed dirthday party with a magician...the little girl next door to me had a tea party last year and they did a womderful job,

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