How do beat Sakura in the last C rank mission on Naruto Ultimate ninja??

In the mission where you have to beat Sakura using 6 replacement jutsu's,and 3 map area shifts,I've been having trouble.I just can't get to use 3 area shifts in time.How did anyone beat that mission!!!!????

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Havn't played it yet, but here's a walkthrough and tips from it:

    Mission Name: Sakura’s Training

    Rank Required: Chunin or above

    Reward: 14000 Ryo

    Experience Received: 40

    Opponent: Sakura Haruno


    1. Win the battle.

    2. Make more than 3 stage shifts.

    3. Use Substitution Jutsu more than 6 times.


    This one is a pain. To do the stage shifts, you will need to get beat up by Sakura. Also, to do the Substitution Jutsus you will also...have to get beat up by Sakura. Most of this battle, you will be getting beat up by Sakura until you have achieved the two conditions. This is the best time to learn the timing on the Substitution Jutsu move.

    I just hope this would help.

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