is daytona beach worth going to?... is it nice..?

well im planning on going to daytona fla in late octobr since im goin to visit my family who lives about an hour away from daytona... is it worth the extra drive? ...

by the way.. late october doesnt seem like a good time to go to the beach.. will the temperature be good still?

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    It will be cool in Oct. I think Daytona is a good day trip. They have this area in Daytona where there's a movie theater, bubba Gump Shrimp Co, ice cream, shops, arcade, pier... it is pretty neat. Don't know that you'll be getting in the ocean, but I am sure there will be people out there swimming!

    Not only that, but if you are into NASCAR or Harley Davidson, you can visit the Daytona Speedway or the largest Harley dealership. I'd recommend seeing those places even if you're not that big into it, they're cool places!

    Have fun with whatever you decide!

    Source(s): Orlando resident
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    Whether you should go to Daytona or to a different beach totally depends on what kind of experience you want. If you want a quiety, tranquil beach, then Daytona probably isn't where you want to be. Daytona is more family friendly than it used to be, but it still has a party vibe.

    Driving on the beach is a novelty that attracts many people to Daytona. It's fun to drive along the ocean while people watching. (Just try not to think of the environmental impact :)

    There are restaurants and shops - all very touristy, but if you are a tourist, then that's cool!

    If you like Nascar, then about 20 minutes inland from the beach there is the nascar experience. Not my thing, but plenty of people like it.

    The weather will most likely be nice at the end of october, but the water may be chilly. The atlantic ocean stays pretty cool, even in summer. If you want warmer water and finer sand, try the west coast of florida. Clearwater is a popular destination on the opposite coast from daytona.

    Have fun :)

    Source(s): Grew up near Daytona -- spent way too much time there in my 20's :)
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    Well, we know that Daytona Beach is known as "The World's Most Famous Beach." The city and its beaches, lined with hotels, motels, condominiums and houses, attract over 8,000,000 tourists each year. In a wide variety of price ranges, hotel and motel rooms are typically plentiful except during special events. Daytona Beach has high security around its main hotel locations, with multiple cameras filming hotel and beach areas.

    Did you know that during motorcycle events (Bike Week and Biketoberfest), several hundred thousand bikers from all over the world visit the greater Daytona Beach area. While the city is often associated with Spring Break, the efforts of the local government to discourage rowdiness, combined with the rise of other Spring Break destinations, have nearly ended Daytona's former preeminence as a Spring Break destination. Indeed, so few students (relative to past years) have come since 2002 that officials stopped estimating their numbers.

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    Weather's still pretty good late Oct., but beaches in Daytona may be less than stellar. If the hour away you reference is Orlando, head west instead and go to Clearwater Beach - awesome sand and lot of bars. If your hour away is Palm Beach to the south, then instead of Daytona, keep heading south to Fort Lauderdale - beaches are fun sight-seeing and you've got a lot of bars at Las Olas that ROCK.

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    Daytona Beach is very nice, and it's the only beach I know of where you can drive your car on the beach. Weather should be pretty nice, but no guarantees that time of year. Definitely worth the trip.

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    Daytona is a nice place. I go there every year... There's a little hotel called Perry's there that I'd reccomend. Free doughnuts every morning.

    However, I'm not sure late October is a good time to go.. Our beaches 'round here get less pleasant from October/November-February, generally.

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    Daytona Beach is awesome. My hubby, daughter and I went in April and it was beautiful. Daytona is fun too. There is a bit to do there. Not sure how warm or cold it will be in oct. though.

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    its totally worth the extra hour drive. we went in march on our way back home - it was nice not the best beach ive been to but why not go if its only an hour away? the sand is perfect- dont you just love white sand on beaches?

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    Its pretty neat, can drive your car right on the beach. Alot of partying goes on, fun place. The weather is going to be, lo 80's-hi70's, real nice.

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