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why is it so difficult on an interview for a new job?

applying for job is so hard why is it hard, when you know you are quailfied?

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    It is so hard because is so personal and it involves doing things outside of our comfort zone. Most of us are told all our life "don't brag, don't talk about yourself too much". And that is exactly what you have to do on an interview. And then you open yourself up to rejection. I've found that the way around it is to change your mindset around interviewing. If you know you are well qualified, then think about the interview as a two-way 'business conversation' around finding a great match. Rather than think of them doing you a 'favor' by hiring you, realize that the employer has a job opening because they've got a business problem that needs to be solved. They've got some 'pain' that needs to be fixed. If they've asked you in for the interview, then they already hope that you'll be 'the one' who can help them. Your focus on the interview should be around understanding better what they need (although you should do a lot of research around this ahead of time) and then sharing with them how you've solved similar problems in the past, and helped other employers achieve goals. Your focus should be on whether this is a great fit or not. If you go in with the attitude "these people need help, I'll go on the interview to discuss my abilities and how I might help them" then you'll hopefully take some of the personal fear of rejection out of the mix. Remember, your first interview should be around getting them interested in YOU. If invited back, you've got a lot more power and can then explore more on whether or not the position/organization can meet your needs. So it's all about thinking differently about your career, and getting excited about the possibility to help someone out while meeting your own needs!

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    I have been looking for a while now. The reasons it sucks:

    they don't get back to you

    try to follow-up and they won't talk with you

    you never find out why you didn't get the job

    you have to guess at what you are doing wrong

    some of the ads are not real

    no one around you understands why its so hard to find a job! You get no support

    I found emotional support through a job club. They also help with networking, where they way 60% of people get jobs from.

    A small percent get them from ads or online. I can give you some great advice. Don't do what I did and spend all your time looking for a job online!! What a waste!

    Welcome to the unpleasant task of job searching. You will quickly find out that it is very hard to get anyone to help you and that almost NO ONE cares if yo uget a job and almost no one understands your plight, and if u need to borrow money from friends, good luck. Its not fun.

    Oh, almost forgot. If you put your resume online, you will get calls from several easy-to-get commission jobs. Also, you will get emails from online scams and ads trying to get you to pay to put your resume on all these sites. I thought that was a waste of money, but it might help some people. Try to stay positive. That too is a challenge.

    Also, don;t spend alot of $ during your job search, like on movies, alcohol or whatever, cause it might be a longer search than you thought it would be.

    good luck

  • The fear of rejection.

    A little research might help prepare you for what key answers the interviewer needs to know to get the best results.

    For example, if the opening is way ahead of the hiring date, obviously a patient and not a can start immediately response is going to work better.

    Research the type of position as fully as possible to offer the interviewer a positive feeling that you either have a sound working knowledge or confidence level worth training if needed.

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    because the world hates us? j/k

    i have the same problem. ive walked into places with 'now hiring' signs, and still not gotten a job. i searched for 3 months, for ANYTHING.

    my brother just took the barr exam in july, and now he's bailing hay and doing construction. he wasdamn good student, he's more then qualified for a good job but no one's calling.

    i really wish there were classes in college that teach you on how to find a job. im spending all my time preparing for a job that i wont be able to find when i graduate with honors... (ok, so im being dramatic, but its upsetting, and i really agree with you)

    i guess the only advice i can give you (and its not like im saying much from experience, but from what i've heard) is to call around. check online, apply EVERYWHERE. do a VERY good job on your resemue (sp?) if you can, get people to look over it before you submit it.

    my sis-in law had my aunt exam her resemue before she applied for a teaching position. my aunts a college registrar in cincinnati, and i think her input helped my sis a lot. she found a really good job. she was placed as a full-time sub for a semester when a teacher was on maternity leave, and it got her foot in the door and she was a full time teacher with her own class the very next year.

    another thing: my best friend worked at wal mart for 6 years, and quit when she got an amazing secretary job at a big law firm. a month later, they fired her without telling her why. her cousin also worked there, and found out that my friend had been doing something wrong all along, but no one told her about it. so she didnt know she messed up, obviously. she thought she was doing fine, and kept doing it. and since she didnt change what it was she didnt know she had to change, they fired her. how unfair is that??

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    Study the work that you want to get into. If you know enough about the work then it should not be hard at all to get into. If you are not educated enough about the job then you will find it very hard. Also, you may be trying to apply for jobs that are out of your league. Just ask your self why would someone should hire you and that should be in every thing you do to get that job. If the employer hears enough of the good reasons to hire you they will.

    Source(s): Coming from a guy that has had 6 jobs in one year before for about two or three year in my life. I am always looking for that next job that is going to get me closer to financial freedom that I so desire.
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    Because there are also other people who are just as qualified, if not more than you. The trick in job interviews is confidence...maintain eye contact and smile. If you are sure of yourself, they will be sure that you are the right candidate for the job.

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    I think it's difficult when you want something really badly, and there is a possibility you may not get it. Human nature I suppose.

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    some don't have confidence or intelligent or both, they feel that the interview is hard

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    Its not read some tips on it on this site

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