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What is the best way or where is the best place to give away free puppies 6 weeks old?

3 females with 9 pups each despriate to give away,dont want them killed

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    Are they small puppies?? I mean are they gonna be small dogs?? This woman is looking for a puppy.;_ylt=And8P...

    Maybe youcan contact her, or respond to her question and see how close you guys are. Otherwise I would seggest the same as everyone else. Try your local paper, or put up flyers. Good luck.

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    Here are some of my suggestions:

    1. Put them in your local newpapers.

    If you really want them gone to good homes you could try getting the three females spayed......that way the next home won't get rid ofher because of having too many pups....get them vaccinated.(pups too) People will certainly go for free pups/dogs that have been wormed/vaccinated.......charge a small fee if you want...though you can give the puppy boosters yourself at a miminal cost

    2. Pick a place such as Wal Mart, they are busy like all the time and sit out there for a day or so and have a sign that says free dogs to good home.

    3. Ask your vet. He/she might know of some rescue centers (that don't ethunize dogs/pups). Also they might know of people that want a dog or pup. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!

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    Puppies need to be 8 weeks old before they are separated from their litters so that they can develop proper social skills. If you don't want puppies to deal with then you need to get your dogs spayed. If money is an issue there are lots of programs out there for low income households where they will do this for free. There are also a lot of organizations that will take the puppies and place them with temporary foster homes until they can be adopted out. This is definately a better way to go than taking them to a shelter. Of course it depends on where you live, but here in Los Angeles a lot of the shelters are "High Kill" shelters which means the puppies won't have more than a couple days to be adopted out before they're put down.

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    Try giving them away on your local Freecycle. Go to and click on the appropriate locator link (for example: U.S. West Coast, then click your city name - you can also do a search of the page using your browser...use Find off of the Edit menu in most browsers, enter your city name or one close by).

    The org is a give-away-only site. It's the best way to reuse and recycle stuff that still has life in it. Usually, it's about giving *stuff* away, but I've seen kittens get given away on my local freecycle.

    You get to select who gets what you're this case, you can select whomever emails about the puppies.

    Good luck to you and the pups!

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    I would recommend the local ads and animal shelters like others have but I have a more effective/cost friendly suggestion. I am not sure if you have heard of but it is a totally free online classified. You can post pictures and listings without paying a dime. Meaning free for you. And you will probably get a ton of responses considering is popular. Check it out.

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    Put them on CRAIGS LIST, but insist on an adoption fee, even if its a low amount. Lots of puppy mills around will take them and that would be heartbreaking. Good Luck

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    My nephew does it very successfully by setting up a station at our local Wal-Mart. He sits outside the main entrance with his babies. He usually gives them all away within an hour.

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    In the parking lot of a Pet Store, at least you know those people really like animals, if their willing to buy one. Good Luck.

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    Put an add in your local paper, Pet Smart, or Pet Co also let u advertise in the store (that's how i found my cat) but i don't know if that costs anything.

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