a health food store specialist told me i have a lot of parasite. he suggested black walnut, he suggested more?

where do parasite come from? why i have them? why won't they go away?

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    i dont know yor symptoms yet, but black walnut, cloves and wormwood are the three herbs to kill parasites and eggs. if a doc perscribes meds, then he will give u somethin to kill off just 1 or 2 type parasites. the herbs recomended to you will kill off hundreds and the eggs. 80% of people have them and dont even know untill 10-20 yrs later when they have chronic IBS or even cancers. parasites can cause several symptoms such as skin rash, diarreah, depression, weight gain-loss, vision problems, cramps, etc........ if u wanna E-MAIL me, then i can send u any info u need on parasites and where they can come from. it wont hurt to take those herbs even if u dont have them. u can clean out your entire system with a 3wk. diet on those herbs.

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    1 decade ago

    You should see your doctor, I don't know how a health food store specialist could tell if you had parasites. Parasites obviously come from the food you eat, and the air you breathe.

    IIf your doctor said you have parasites you might have got them because of these possible reasons-

    the rise of international travel

    contamination of municipal and rural water supply

    the influx of refugees and immigrants from endemic areas

    the return of soldiers from overseas

    the popularity of household pets

    the increasing popularity of exotic regional foods

    the use of antibiotics and immuno-suppressive drugs

    the sexual revolution

    the spread of AIDS

    undercooked meats and raw fish

    ingestion of improperly washed fruits, vegetables and grains

    physical and chemical toxins and pollutions

    Here are some good ways to avoid getting parasites:

    Wash your hands frequently as this is the primary source of contamination.

    Keep your hands away from your mouth, nose, and eyes.

    Use a good air filter to keep your home air free of contaminants.

    Clean your vegetables and fruits well before eating, especially organically grown products.

    Rinse off meats before preparation and cook all meats thoroughly.

    Drink only properly filtered water.

    Eat yogurt or drink buttermilk frequently. This helps replininsh normal intestinal bacteria.

    Keep your pets clean and free of parasites.

    Dispose of pet wastes immediately, wear a mask when doing so.

    Keep your home, carpet, and furniture clean.

    Keep your home free of bugs, mold, mildew, etc.

    When infections occur, use ParaZapper to eliminate parasites.

    Some herbal formulas can help with some intestinal parasites.

    If your immune system is challenged or impaired, take high quality vitamin and mineral supplements.

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    Go to a doctor and get a second opinion. Health food store specialists have been very helpful to me but if I had a possibility of having parasites I'd have a doctor look at the problem.

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    Our bodies are full of microbes - it's mostly natural and unavoidable. No one in a health food store can make a medical diagnosis.

    You *must* see a physician who could do proper testing to determine if you have a problem. No over-the-counter remedy will work, since you don't have a definitive diagnosis. Different drugs treat different parasites. Some are harmful and others are not, see the doc!!!

    I have studied nursing & microbiology - so don't fall for the quack-remedies - please consult a physician.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you have a parasite there is no way a store clerk could tell. Do you have symptoms such as weight loss and diarrhea? Parasites come from contact with soil, feces or contaminated food. Only a doctor can diagnose you.

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    parasites can come from the food you eat the air you breathe and through your skin.

    I would suggest you do an aqua chi. My herbalist has one and it is awesome. $25 per 30 minute session and will actually pull toxins and some parasites out.

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