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how do i recive a prize that i used a diffrent name and adress on.?

well like 2 days ago i won this really cool computer but the problem is I sort of well cheated i used multiple email addresses and names to win. and they make u sign a affidavit and stuff to receive the prize. so i,m trying to think of a way to contact fulfillment services and try to have them forward the prize to my real address and change the name. any u guys have any advice for me to come up with a good little white lie and for all u that say u don’t cheat at sweepstakes your probably lying through your teeth almost everyone i know does. it does say if your a minor they wont give u the prize well my nephew won it for me he’s a minor so I thought I could say my nephew played so they can transfer the prize to a different address even though its non transferable any advice.

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    I hope you used a real address then. Maybe you can get the prize delivered to that address and just strike a deal with the people that actually live there.

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    Sorry, your prize will be sent to Achmed on Bakkhu Lakkhu Dakkhu street who is 18 and half years of age. Achmed says thanks:)

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    1st of all you won nothing all scams,2ND if you had you still lose can not falsify anything in this modern world

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    This probably counts as a 'gotcha'!

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    wow, good situation.

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