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Do you know my grandfather? or any of his family??

Our grandparents divorced and we never knew our real grandfather. They divorced back when you didn't do divorce.

His name was Richard Anderson Stumbaugh,born July 1, 1922. His father was Wiley Walker Stumbaugh and his father was Joseph Anderson Stumbaugh.

They were from Oklahoma, my grandmother lived around Colcord or Silom Springs.

I always wondered why they divorced, I heard he remarried and then we would have family we have never met.

Also the medical side of it would be nice to know.

I don't know if he is still living. Thanks for any help.

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    There is some confusion here. The California Death Index lists Richard A Stumbaugh dying in 1988 and the Social Security Death Index has him dying 5 years later. There are 2 different social security numbers, but the one from the SSDI was issued in OK. I also have the cemetery where he is buried in AZ along with his 2nd wife, Ruth.

    Also some possible clues to help track down members of his other family.

    California Death Index, 1940-1997 Record



    Social Security #: 546422384

    Sex: MALE

    Birth Date: 1 Jul 1922

    BirthPlace: UNKNOWN

    Death Date: 27 Jan 1988

    Death Place: LOS ANGELES

    Mother's Maiden Name:

    Father's Surname:

    Social Security Death Index Record

    about Richard A. Stumbaugh

    Name: Richard A. Stumbaugh

    SSN: 444-12-8416

    Last Residence: 86401 Kingman, Mohave, Arizona, United States of America

    Born: 1 Jul 1922

    Died: 29 Oct 1993

    State (Year) SSN issued: Oklahoma (Before 1951 )


    Richard A. Stumbaugh1922-1993

    Ruth V. Stumbaugh1918-1996

    A notice in the 27 Mar 1977 issue of The Valley News, Van Nuys, CA (section 4, p 13) states that Richard and Ruth Stumbaugh of 6019 Hazelhurst Place, North Hollywood, CA have a business R & R Brass & Glass Shack at 18507 Sherman Way, Reseda, CA. Filed with the LA county clerk 7 Feb 1977. File number 77-5932 (the 9 might be a 0. The image I am looking at is not clear).

    The 11 May 1967 issue of the Valley News (p 74) has a picture of Richard Strumbaugh, assistant Sergeant-at-Arms for the Burbank Moose Lodge. (group picture. He is the last man in the top row. The image I am looking at is not good, cannot see any faces.)

    Can't say if this company really has anything to do with your grandfather but it is a possible contact:

    Stumbaugh & Associates, Inc.

    3303 No San Fernando Blvd ~ Burbank, CA. 91504-2531

    Toll Free 1-866-STUMBAUGH (788-6228)

    Faxes 818-956-6684, 818-550-2755

    Established in 1965 Stumbaugh & Associates, Inc. is in the business of furnishing and installing toilet partitions and toilet accessories. Founded by Richard Stumbaugh in a small office in Alhambra, California, Stumbaugh & Associates, Inc. has become the largest provider of toilet partitions and accessories in California. We attribute our success to the highest level of “customer service” in the construction industry. Our goal is to be not only the best toilet partition and accessory sub-contractor, but also the best contractor in the industry.

    We service toilet partition and toilet accessory needs from San Diego to San Francisco with:

    •Largest Toilet Partition and Accessory Sales Force in the Country

    • Largest Toilet Partition and Accessory Installation Force in the Country

    • “In Stock” Partitions – Over 300 Metal Toilet Compartments in 3 Standard Colors

    • Largest “In-Stock” Inventory of Bobrick Toilet Accessories in the Country

    Stumbaugh & Associates, Inc. is the industry leader and your “One-Stop” source for all toilet partition and toilet accessory needs.

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    Hey devastedinth...,

    You got some good answers here. Follow the web sites given above too. Below are some sites where people are looking for people to discuss Stumbaugh family ties. This is your best hope of finding an Aunt, Uncle, Cousin etc. that you did not know you had. The LDS site will confirm a specific persons death record, and you can get the Vital Records because you related. See the Vital Records Section below.

    Speaking of Vital Records, you should establish an exact link via records (DEATH, BIRTH, MARRIAGE, DEEDS, PROBATE, OBITS) to track down other possible relations. There are DNA projects going on too, but I think that is too much of a reach right now. Stick to the facts you find in the records.

    It sounds that you are not interested in GENEALOGY of the family, but one particular person. So, I put some sites for finding people too. Hope you find some relatives to share photos and stories with.

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    has Richard. He died

    29 Oct 1993

    LR 86401 (Kingman, Mohave, AZ)

    You could ask for an obit look up on

    It would not say why he divorced. They don't speak ill of the dead. It would probably have his children named and his grandchildren numbered.

    has 12 Joseph Stumbaugh. Joseph could have been born 32 to 160 years before 1922, so it is impossible to tell if any are yours, since you didn't put birth dates for Wiley or Joseph.

    You might try a post on a real genealogy board,

    but please read

    before you post there.

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    Hi, you should try to contact the Stumbaughs that are living in the Oklahoma City Metropolitan area, they may be from Carl's family.

    1. RICHARD C.1 COKER was born February 4, 1851 in Alabama, and died March 8, 1933 in Haskell Co., Oklahoma. He married MARY C.. She was born August 6, 1851 in North Carolina, and died December 22, 1928 in Haskell Co., Oklahoma.

    More About RICHARD C. COKER:

    Burial: Stigler Cemetery, Haskell Co., Oklahoma

    Census 1900: P. 6A, Muscogee, Creek Nation, Indian Territory

    Census 1920: P. 10A, Stigler, Haskell Co., Oklahoma

    Census 1930: P. 8A, Stigler, Haskell Co., Oklahoma

    More About MARY C.:

    Burial: Stigler Cemetery, Haskell Co., Oklahoma

    Census 1900: P. 6A, Muscogee, Creek Nation, Indian Territory

    Census 1920: P. 10A, Stigler, Haskell Co., Oklahoma

    Children of RICHARD COKER and MARY C. are:

    i.RICHARD C.2 COKER, b. August 1887.

    More About RICHARD C. COKER:

    Census 1900: P. 6A, Muscogee, Creek Nation, Indian Territory

    2.ii.GRACE ELIZABETH COKER, b. August 1891, Texas; d. Aft. 1930, Haskell Co., Oklahoma.

    Generation No. 2

    2. GRACE ELIZABETH2 COKER (RICHARD C.1) was born August 1891 in Texas, and died Aft. 1930 in Haskell Co., Oklahoma. She married WILEY W. STUMBAUGH Abt. 1914. He was born Abt. 1886 in Arkansas, and died Aft. 1930 in Haskell Co., Oklahoma.


    Census 1900: P. 6A, Muscogee, Creek Nation, Indian Territory

    Census 1920: P. 12B, Stigler, Haskell Co., Oklahoma

    Census 1930: P. 8A, Stigler, Haskell Co., Oklahoma

    More About WILEY W. STUMBAUGH:

    Census 1920: P. 12B, Stigler, Haskell Co., Oklahoma

    Census 1930: P. 8A, Stigler, Haskell Co., Oklahoma

    Children of GRACE COKER and WILEY STUMBAUGH are:

    i.CARL C.3 STUMBAUGH, b. Abt. 1919, Oklahoma; d. Aft. 1930, Haskell Co., Oklahoma.

    More About CARL C. STUMBAUGH:

    Census 1920: P. 12B, Stigler, Haskell Co., Oklahoma

    Census 1930: P. 8A, Stigler, Haskell Co., Oklahoma

    ii.RICHARD A. STUMBAUGH, b. Abt. 1922, Oklahoma; d. Aft. 1930, Haskell Co., Oklahoma.


    Census 1930: P. 8A, Stigler, Haskell Co., Oklahoma

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    You might try looking up the last name in genealogy sites online. Also try researching birth, death, marriage records in county records. You may not be able to access medical info due to privacy laws. Good luck.

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    No I dont know your grandfather....A site you could try is (its free) On there they also have the SSDI (Social secuirty death records) If he is deceased you should be able to find him there and go from there. People also load their family trees on there so try searching maybe others on there are connected to you.

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    sorry, i don't know who they are. try talking with your parents or some other relatives and see if they know anything about who your grandparents were and find out why they divorced. good luck with your search.

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    Sorry i don't know abt this but u can link to ur area information centre if ur country had this system

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    nope never heard of him

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