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Okey - dokey !!! Who knows the way to make a Traditional English Trifle???

(The clocks ticking!!!)

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    For the madeira cake

    85g/3oz butter, at room temperature

    85g/3oz caster sugar

    2 medium eggs

    125g/4½ oz self-raising flour

    3 tbsp full-cream milk

    ½ lemon, finely grated zest only

    For the topping

    330ml/10 fl oz full cream milk

    750ml/1¼ pints double cream

    6 large egg yolks

    1 rounded tbsp cornflour

    4 tbsp caster sugar

    4 tbsp good-quality raspberry jam

    6 tbsp Oloroso (sweet) sherry


    1. Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4. Grease a 450g/1 lb loaf tin, line the base with greaseproof paper and grease the paper.

    2. Cream the butter and sugar together in a bowl until pale and fluffy. Beat in the eggs one at a time, beating the mixture well between each one and adding a tablespoon of the flour with the last egg to prevent the mixture curdling.

    3. Sift over the flour and gently fold it in, with enough milk to give a mixture that falls reluctantly from the spoon. Fold in the lemon zest.

    4. Spoon the mixture into the prepared tin, level the top and bake for 30-45 minutes until a skewer inserted in the centre comes out clean.

    5. Cool in the tin for ten minutes then turn out on to a wire rack and leave to cool completely. The cake can be made up to four days in advance and kept tightly wrapped in clingfilm.

    6. For the custard, bring the milk and 300ml/10fl oz of the cream to the boil in a non-stick pan. Beat the egg yolks, cornflour and sugar together in a bowl, then gradually whisk in the hot milk and cream.

    7. Return the mixture to the pan and cook over a low heat, stirring constantly, for about ten minutes, until the mixture has thickened enough to coat the back of a spoon. Take care not to let it boil as it will curdle.

    8. Transfer the custard to a bowl and leave to cool.

    9. Cut the madeira cake into slices one centimetre (half an inch) thick and arrange a single layer over the base of the bowl. Spread the layer with two tablespoons of raspberry jam and lay another layer of cake on top (you might not need to use all the cake).

    10. Spread the second layer with another two tablespoons of raspberry jam and sprinkle over the sherry.

    11. Pour the custard over the cake, cover with clingfilm and chill for at least three hours.

    12. Whip the remaining cream into soft peaks. Uncover the trifle, spoon over the cream and return it to the fridge until you are ready to serve.

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    Place drained soft fruit at the bottom of a round glass dish. Place sponge cake on top of the fruit. Pour on 1/3 cup sherry to drench the cake. Make up 1pt Jello in flavor of your choosing but try to keep a theme (oranges, use orange Jello etc), gently pour on top of the cake. Let this set. Now either get hold of some Instant custard, make your own from scratch or use vanilla pudding. If using custard, make up to the instructions on the packet but leave out about 1/10 th of the liquid so it is thicker. Let it cool for 1/2 hr. Pour it (or the Vanilla pudding) over the Jello. Cool completely. Top with whipped cream Grate some chocolate on top, add some glace cherries. There you have a lovely Trifle!

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