after having HPV?

After treating hpv how long should you wait until you can have sex again

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    HPV sometimes goes away on it's own and sometimes does not.

    Are you talking about treating warts from HPV? If so, you've only treated the warts, you have not got rid of the virus that causes them (HPV). I've read up to 20% of people who have treated genital warts have had them come back. Even if you have treated them, you still have the virus and can still pass it to someone if you have sex with them.

    HPV is a tricky STD. I've read about 75-80% of the world has it and only about 20some% of them realize it. It can take months and even years for any symptoms to show up, that's why it is passed so easily. People don't realize they have it and end up spreading it to others.

    Source(s): Personal experience. I have had HPV for over 5 years. I developed both cervical cancer and genital warts from it.
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    Though its hard, I would avoid intercourse and anything around 3rd base unless you wear a condom. And make sure you disscus the fact that you have HPV with any future partners. Try to remeber how it felt when you contracted HPV from one of your partners bc he/she wasn't honest with you.

    Think of it this way; jsut bc u've been treated it doesn't mean you are cured. HPV is a virus, and jsut like every other virus, there is not, and most likely will never ever be a cure. Viruses are stands of dna, like a common cold. Just like when you get a cold, and the symptom go away, you are still a carrier of the virus. That's why you can get infected by the same strand twice; its already in you. So jsut becasue you lack symptoms or, you have been treated, it doesn't mean you can't pass it. If HPV does clear on its own, it usually takes anywhere from 8-months to two years. So if I was you I would not have intercourse or oral without protection for the next two years. Unlike many of the people who are giving you advice, I have dealt with HPV first hand. My boyfirend of one year has HPV, and because of that, we still have not had sex. So if I can be chaste for over a year, and god only knows for how much longer, so can you. Good luck, and please make the right and responsible decison, because your decison will effect more than just you.

    Source(s): Personal expiereince, web md, merck pharmaceuticals, and a pre-med bio course i got an A in
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    HPV can cause cervical cancer and also genital warts in both men and women.

    I believe that you are speaking of genital warts.

    You can have sex after the warts get cleared and don't reapper for some days. That means that the virus is not active on your skin.

    Have protected sex.

    If all my warts are cleared does it mean I have no virus?

    No, clearing of genital warts does not mean that you are free of the virus.

    Is there any treatment for HPV virus that causes genital warts?

    No, there is no known treatment.

    Can the warts return after treatment?

    Yes, the warts may return after the treatment. This may depend upon your general health and immune system. Try to be healthy always.

    How do I know that I am a carrier of HPV virus?

    For women, a test is available that can find out the presence of HPV virus in them. For men, serologic techniques to diagnose HPV infections are not helpful in individual cases and are not widely available.

    Can a child get HPV genital warts?

    There are possibilities that a child born of vaginal delivery may develop genital warts, if the mother had them. Your doctor will advise you more on this.

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    Depends on what you have... cancer, warts, what? If you have ever had HPV you must get a shot to never get it again, because your partner will always have it forever, because men never get affected by it and they cant get tested for it. So go and get a HPV vac.

    Source(s): Personal expeirance, and still dealing with cancer
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  • 1 decade ago

    You should not have unprotected sex...

    Because the virus will stay in your body.... and you could develop it again.

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