Should I drink now?

I'm 20. I got fired from my job and I really miss my female co-worker at my now ex-workplace. I can't go and meet her right away. I'm so depressed, lonely, and sad. I feel so empty. I'm being eaten up from the inside. So should I drink now or what?

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    Wow. I hope that you realize by just asking the question makes this seem like a desperate act. Everything you do should come because it is supposed to, never rush anything. Drinking when you feel bad is just as bad as being an emotional eater.

    You CAN NOT solve emotional problems with physical answers. Its quite simple. You must come to figure out why you got fired. If it was your fault (dont get me wrong here) then do your best to avoid it in the future. If you sincerely can not figure out what is going on, then just know that its not you. Thats the healthiest thing you can do is remove the blame from yourself when you arent the cause of the problem.

    As for the femal co-worker, you probably have her number or can meet her after work. Keep positive. Your perspective determines your reality. Maybe this happened because there is a better place for you to work at. There are undoubtedly many answers to the questions life brings about, but drinking your ex-paycheck away is never the right one.

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    Breathe. In the nose, out the mouth. While I don't think drinking is wrong, it's not always the best way to deal with things. First of all, consider why you were fired. Once you know that, consider why you feel depressed, lonely, and sad. Is it because of the firing or because you can't see this female ex-co-worker? Once you figure out those things, it'll be easier to know what you need to do next. Good luck.

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    personally, i love to drink my problems away =]

    it's fun while it lasts, but it really doesn't solve anything.

    it really does help to relax and just calm down for a while.

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