a bum just moved in the empty lot next door?

ok. i live in a big city, next to an empty lot. there used to be a house, but it got torn down about 18 mts ago, and now it's just empty, with big weeds.

and i just saw this bum moving in there with his shopping cart...

that's kind of funny. right?

or is it scary?

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    More like sad. He's living outside, probably with rodents and snakes and insects.....plus I bet he has no soft bed or nice hot food. If he is not hurting anyone, why worry about it --- he has enough problems already I am sure.


  • lellig
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    4 years ago

    All of those are questions you need to communicate over with the builder, the HOA about. also, that is a own decision in case you want to stay next to an open lot. probability is, you are able to't purchase a vacant lot. that really is going adversarial to maximum regulations. in the journey that they pass Bankrupt and do not end the shape? Alot can take position or no longer some thing can take position....for a lengthy time period

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    Actually, it sounds like you just moved into the big city yourself if you find this a special situation. He isn't a "bum", he is a homeless person. It is a pathetic phenomena that is rampant in all major cities in the United States. It happened to me; it could happen to you.

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    a little of both....funny/happy if he's one of those happy friendly bums, scary if he has disorders/isnt really a bum, but like an ex con in disguise, sad if he's just a regular homeless man in need of a job, some food and a shelter...

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  • Its not funny seeing someone living on the street nor is it scarey. some folks on the street have degrees and were down sized and all they need is a helping hand and a new start. Maybe you need to rethink the way you see things and not be so judgemental.

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    It's not that funny - I wish there was a sure answer for these lost souls.

    He's probably hungry and here in Detroit there is getting more and more of them.

    I used to go out... to Downtown and there would be maybe one per block.

    Now there's at least three.

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    It's not funny or scary, it's sad. Don't judge him. Theirs a story and path that is behind everyones life. Who knows what story lead him down his path.

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    It is very sad that is all he has.But he has some pride or he would be in a gutter.Leave him some food and a $10 bill.

  • 1 decade ago

    What's scary is your lack of empathy toward a fellow human being.

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