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How can u understand a fish ?

I dont know how to understand fish. I just got a tank full of fish and they look at me and move their mouths and I don't know what they are saying . Does anyone speak fish ?

sincearly madbet15

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    Since fish have extremely short memories, they are constantly reintroducing themselves. In fact, "hello my name is fish" are the only words in any fish language.

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    Like any foreign language, you need to go to school to learn to speak fish. Sounds like a college course of study to me!

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    Yes, I did speak to them but others just though that I'm crazy or something... Well, ever though they can't speak, you can talk to them because you are the owner.. Simple words like "Good Morning", "How are you" etc. not only greet them, but also make your day more cheerful don't you think... Well, if you want to understand them, just beware and take notice of their body language...

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    Yes - I speak fish - they are wondering what the funny looking thing outside their tank is that is looking at them!


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    i do. nah jj. but since i've had like 60 fishes and different ones i pretty know much about them. what your seeing is hungry fish. they swim close to you coz they want some fish flakes for tea. you better feed them. and sometimes they do that to suck up dirt or even to breathe and drink.

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    they open their mouth because they are breathing water not trying to talk and i don't think their is a way to understand fishes.

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    all fish do that . thats just the way they are . just make sure you don't feed them to much .

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    Uh huh!? They're just messing with you. They really communicate by telepathy on wavelengths that even we "talents" can't pick up.

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    lol well if we were fish we could understand them

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