my 1.8t jetta?

can I upgrade to a bigger turbo without replacing the other stock components in the turbo system, ie piping, intercooler ect?

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    1 decade ago
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    yeah i have the same car, you can get a turbo inlet pipe, a lower intercooler pipe. and you can also get a new intercooler but they dont do much help but new inlet and lower intercooler pipe will give you about 15 horse power. because it gives about 25% increase on air flow. and a boost controller will help alot

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    The simple answer is yes. However it is not feasible as the entire system is engineered as a unit and upgrading only one part of it will not really work properly. The piping and intercooler are rated at a certain flow rate and if you introduce a turbo with a higher flow the pipes and intercooler will act as a restriction and negate the turbo increase.

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    1 decade ago

    yes BUT there will always be more restriction with stock parts if you change the turbo change the EXT.system and the intake system more air in and out = more power

    Source(s): mechanic 24yrs
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