How do I upload address book from Blackberry to a Lexus car?

I just purchased a Lexus 440H which has a cool blue tooth hands free phone system. I have a Blackberry 7100G phone and my wife has the Razr, both Cingular. I can't figure out how to transfer the phone book information via bluetooth from either phone into the Lexus phone book. I successfully paired both phones and can call from either, but have to dial manually. I tried using my laptop which has bluetooth and a way to transmit Outlook Phone numbers, but my PC and Lexus do not want to pair up (I think the Lexus is only looking for phones). Help!

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    I needed to delete all of the phones installed

    Remove all phone types

    Reset or turn car off and on to reset Unit

    Enable Bluetooth on BB

    Set type to Bluetooth Handsfree (on car)

    Set type to Bluetooth Handsfree (on BB 7100)

    Set BB to Discoverable

    Select Trusted to yes under device properties

    Select "find devices" on BB - I tried this at least 10 times

    Select "Setting" on car - will start device search (1 minute time out)

    Hold BB near the GPS unit display - don't ask me why...

    Should be prompted to enter passcode (0000)

    Select "Add Phones" (on car) - should display BB device

    Select BB device

    Once all of the setting have been set then you need to "OK" everything and restart the unit or car.

    I was not taking notes during this process. I was actually getting ready to return the BB because I could not get it to work. I cannot promise this will work but it might be a good start.

    Good luck.

    I have not tried to sync the contacts list or calendar.


    Blackberry 7100G SOLUTION

    I too have a Blackberry 7290 and it is true that you cannot transfer data from it to anything else. It seems that Blackberry offers carrier specific programming to all the major phone companies; but they have all decided to lock the data transfer feature out completely from working. Even though these phones do support the capability, Blackberry seems to have recommended to the major phone carriers to NOT ALLOW for such data transfer in order to protect big companies from having data being stolen. This is a total bunch of bull !

    In the meantime you can buy a Siemans S56 on eBay (make sure it has a Sim card - if not, buy for $10.00 delivered on eBay). Put in names and numbers in the S56. Add Siemans to the Lexus as additional bluetooth phone. Transfer phonebook from S56 to Lexus. Select Blackberry again as primary bluetooth phone. All names and numbers show up in Lexus LS430 navigation system and you can select and auto dial.

    Good Luck!

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