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How come people don't give the Patriots credit for their dynasty ?

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    I think people do. I'm not a Patriots fan and I do still recall that snowy playoff game against the Raiders when the call went for the Pats when it looked like Brady fumbled but the ref called incomplete pass. That call will be argued back and forth forever among fans who watched that game. But the bottom line is the Pats won that game and it began then. The dynasty began and is probably not over. I greatly respect what this team has done in winning 3 SBs. The best coach and the best QB in the clutch are ingredients to "cook up" another SB title. I think a lot of fans are jealous and rather grudgingly give the Patriots credit for the dynasty they have created. I think it is safe to say that no NFL coach likes to see the Pats on the other side of the field. I won't become a Pats fans even if they win another SB, but I respect and admire them for what they have done in the past and what they made do again this year. An awesome team!

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    Tucker, I dont hear that at all.When you win 3 out of the last 4 Super bowls and possibly a 4th one this year you have to give them credit no matter where you are from.

    I think it comes down to respect there is no denying the Patriots are the team of this decade.What did they win like 22 straight games including the playoffs.No team in history has done what your Patriots have done.

    I respect the Patriots we may not give them their due credit but everyone I am sure respects them.

    We all root for our home team.It is no different here as I am a Giants fan and I admit that my team socks right now

    and I wish we could have what the Patriots have.I certainly respect them as well as admire them and love to watch them play.I'm sorry but when they play The Giants I"ve got to go with my team just like everyone else roots for theirs.

    That is why I think it is more about loyalty and respect and less to do with credit.Everybody respects the Patriots

    that is why they are hated so much because they are a great team and an example of excellence around the league.Booing is a sign of respect and usually the person or team that gets booed is a very good one indeed. Good Luck to everyone's team this year and let the games begin. YAHOO!!!!!!!

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    The 60's & 70's were cruel on them. They were never ever, a contender. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. When namath beat the colts, & that gave the namath, & the jets all the headlines. afl /afc teams were considered weak in 60's -70's a punchin bag for nfc teams like dallas, la, sf, & the pack! Steve grogan or Jim Plunkett never got the respect he deserved.they gave John Hanna an (ol) & Stanley Morgan (wr), more praise. OJ Simpson was stealing the head lines at Buffalo. Then, the Steelers took over the afc from 75-79 the pats never got a grip. With Earl Campbell & "LUV YA BLUE" at Houston about 1980-WAS partially the medias fault. The PATS never had that "household" name or showcase player to expose to the media. Then in 85 when they finally did get a shot at the title they drew Peyton, Ditka, Buddy Ryan, the "Red Hott" 85 bears in the Superbowl. Hell, God couldn't have beaten the Bears that day! So, just a lot of bad luck i think has held them away from super, media stardom. That , & being on the east coast.

    Dallas, Jerry Jones, SF, Joe Montana -10 super bowls!

    BETWEEN THE POKES & 49'S S THAT -stole the show in the 80's & 90's . Bob Kraft is smart , & he's A VERY well respected OWNER, by all NFLl royalty. he'll get there!


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    I give the Patriots all the credit in the world! I'm a Lions fan so I'm very envious of you.

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    I don't like they beat my Steelers-but they deserve all the credit in the world and may be the best of all time. They play as a team, they don't run onto the field individually in their Superbowls, and Belichek never let's them guys get big headed and keeps them focused. They are a force to be dealt with and deserve the utmost respect.

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    Because they are simply good and execute well. They lack "controversy" which is a plus if you ask me. How about you take the Lions and give us the Patriots? Kind of like a Babe Ruth trade.

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    maybe because they feel (like many others) that the players were not really that important to winning those championships. bill bellichek was the mastermind behind those wins. and many feel that the players were just pawns in the game. tom brady is not a superstar qb by any stretch. his numbers pale in comparison to other top qb's. he gets the job done but one gets the feeling that it's the system that is reponsible for all the success rather than the raw talent of the players.

    bellichek gets all the credit but nobody puts posters of coaches up on their wall.

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    They get ungodly amounts of credit. Stop asking this question, it's making us pats fans look like whiners.

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    Majority of these answers say it all. PATRIOTS ARE THE BESTEST IN THE WORLD.

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    People are jerks

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