Name this dancehall/reggae tune?

Don't have much to go on, but it is a recent song with this bass track that sounds like it is from a video game. It is very low sounding. The notes are something like: C, D, D, D, C, D, D, D, C, D, D, D, E, C, space, repeat. They are all played in the same duration except the E, C at the end is more sticatto. If anyone knows what this is, or can direct me to a list of reggae/dancehall artists with recent songs that would be great. Thank you.


sorry, it is C, D, D, D, C, D, D, D, C, D, D, D, E, D, Space, Repeat...not E, C

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    nicely while one communicate concerning to the ninety's raggae/dancehall the ( gargamel) Buju Banton run issues.With human beings like: Terro-Fablous,Little wayne, Pent abode group and Mad abode group,Scare Dem Krew.Spragga Benz,Louie way of life,and definite Capleton and simpleton,known degree,....(Betweenie guy and Bounty Killa).......many many mi cant too memba dem. The music which you're talking approximately is on the ( Pepper Seed Rhythm). the Pepper seed rhythm RUN the ninety's,with music like "it grew to become into unda da ill-ka-greater tree"........ and music like..."yu nuh katch ah gal backyard"

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