Tips for losing weight?

Yeah well I'm female, 5'2, and weigh 140, I was 115 and I gained weight this summer and I need to go back to where I was, and fast, in like 2 months (Homecoming...) Any tips?

Please & thank you!!!

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    Pilates does WONDERS! I lost all my extra body fat by doing that. Also work on the treadmill. Do tons of sit ups. Eat celery, and lots of it, it fills you up while burning calories. (if you didnt know.) Go on a jog every night. Drink LOTS of water! And whatever you do, NEVER overeat or eat out of boredom. If you get bored, exercise, if you get bored from exercising, play a game that involves moving around. If you get sore, spend a night on the floor if your back is sore. If your legs or arms are sore, spend a night on the couch. Always ask yourself if youre really all that hungry before mowing down on the snacks.

    I know its not easy, but I had to do all of this for events in dresses.. three times!

    If all else fails, get a full body corset and wear it under your dress.

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    First, set reasonable goals. Losing weight too fast can cause severe shock to your body, that can seriously injure your internal organs. The comedian Margret Cho is very open about losing a lot of weight for a television show once and ending up with renal (kidney) failure for an example. Losing weight too quickly can kill you!

    Break up work into periods and shoot for those goals. 25 lbs in 2 months comes out to roughly 3 lbs a month. If you want to lose that quickly, I'd suggest several things:

    Drink nothing but water, and make sure to get a full 8 servings a day in.

    Eat sensibly; low fat is important, low sugar is also important. Eat carbohydrates, but whole grain ones, especially with decent (3 or more grams) amounts of fiber. Get a food scale and weigh your food!

    Limit protein (meat especially) to no more than 2 servings a day, equaling roughly 50 grams.

    Eat mostly fruits and vegetables, and keep them on hand for when you get hungry (and you will get hungry!)

    Exercise 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes, and in increasing intensity. You can do serious injury to your body if you don't give it a day here or there to rest though, so I'd go 3, day off, then 4, day off. Try do work with weights a few times a week; it significantly boosts your metabolism and weight loss. 1 or 2 lb weights are enough to do this when starting!

    The most important thing is to know that unless you commit to actually keeping with those guidelines after your date you'll end up slowly gaining the weight back. I'd advise joining a support group like weight watchers myself; they have this down to a science and a few programs to try out. I toss them in only because that's the program I've experienced...been on that program for a year now and lost over 80 lbs so far. It's a tough road to try if it's just to fit into a dress though! If that's your only inspiration to lose, I'd suggest not trying this.

    Good luck regardless!

  • It is too easy to gain weight!!!

    Eating is fun and it is hard to cut back or to change. Here are some basics:

    Add more fiber, I like Benefiber, you can put in ice tea or milk. You can up your fiber to 35 grams per day, maybe even more.

    Eat breakfast.

    No food after 8 PM. When you eat makes a difference of whether your body uses it or stores it, so, no food at nght.

    Eat some protein at every meal. Protein fills you up and sweet carbohydrates with no fiber makes you hungry for more carbs. ---"Can't just eat one lay's potato chip." ... is true.

    No high fructose corn syrup and no trans fats.

    If you can do it, eating small meals five times a day will help you to lose weight, and you won't get as hungry.

    Don't let yourself starve. It will make you "need" to overeat. Make small changes, don't overdo it.

    Try to lose some and then hold it before losing more.

    Whatever you do, don't gain anymore. If you see the scale go up one pound, get on it! Keeping lost weight off is harder than losing it. NEVER allow yourself to gain. The more you gain, the more your body will resist losing and the more your body will want to gain. It is truly a vicious cycle. Having extra fat leads to cancer, and other degenerative diseases that you don't want. It takes years to develop, but by the time it does, it is really too too hard or impossible to fix. Do not gain any more weight. That is the most important thing.

    Adding more muscle can also help, make sure you eat protein and healthy oils, and vitamins, and drink enough water.

    Remember to love yourself. Don't forget that our bodies are designed to put on fat when there is a lot of food around, so you just need strategies to deal with it.

    Remember that what we eat communicates directly to our DNA in the cells in our body. Feed yourself the nutrients you need and not starve yourself.

    Don't eat junk. Eating a lot of sugar and bad fat and fast food is not part of the plan. You just cannot do it and be healthy. Whole foods and good quality foods make a difference.

    No smoking. Smokers are thin, but the damage caused is not worth it.

    Good luck, and I know you will have a wonderful Homecoming!!

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    Do the exact opposite of what you did this summer. You gotta go to the gym and do some serious cardio 3-4 times a week. Also, cut your daily calorie intake by 500 calories. Do not eat fat. Opt for foods high in portein as they are going to be the foods your body needs for lasting energy from working out at the gym. I wish you the best of luck! I'm in the process of losing weight too...

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    Count your calaries! Search online for the amount of calories in common foods you eat, and then track down what you eat for a day or 2. Add up the calories you eat in a day, and then cut back by at least 300 calories. I know, sounds like alot of work, but its not, and after a few weeks, you will have the number of calories in most foods memorized (pop tart=200, otis spunkmyer bluberry muffin=400). Good luck!

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    keep a diary about everything you eat.

    excersizing is sooo imporant.

    watch your calories..1200 is a healthy amount.

    drink 8 glasses of water..its said that you burn 300 calories by drinking ice cold water..

    cut out junk food and pop. diet soda is said to make you stop losing weight too, even though you might not gain.

    salt makes you retain water.

    eat fruit and veggies a lot.

    go for walks.

    anything to burn extra calories.

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    Don't eat ANYTHING....not even a peanut for at least 3 hours before you go to bed. Drink all the unsweetened drink you want.

    I lost 45 lbs. 3 years ago doing this and I have kept it off.

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    A lot of exercise. Increase the distance a little each day until you are doing the equivalent of running 8 miles a day. that's how they lost all that weight on "the biggest loser"

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    This isn't a miricle, but it's natural products. Google Isagenix. Isagenix is a program that my parents use. My mom killed the post-pregnency fat and dad burned off all the fat and leveled his cholasterol.

    If you need more info on it, feel freee to messege me.

    Don't trust LA slim or atkins or crap. This one I can prove works miracles even on the first day

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    drink lots of green tea & try to curb cravings by drinking low-sodium broth (its good to cut fresh veggies & cook them in the broth for a low-cal, high nutrient meal)also eat protein like tuna or chicken . drink lots of water & AVOID all sugar & white starches like white bread, pasta, & rice.

    the best calorie burner & toner is running or jogging & adding some weight training, or, push-ups are good. do not starve yourself, & take a multi-vitamin everyday. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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