Joined or started participating in Yahoo Q&A yesterday?

As I've already stated started participating in Yahoo's Q&A yesterday. Today I'm told I've reached the limit for answering questions. Now here's my question. I'm a Registered Nurse in Texas, a diabetic and currently tring to recover from a Severe MRSA, infection. I was wanting to stay busy, so I thought I would donate my time during recovery to health questions on Yahoo. Not really interested in points system, but have a true desire to answer medical questions in the most honest, knowledgable why that I can. So why limit me?????? Does all you folks out there in cyber land agree with this limit. If so I thank you for your time and will move on.


Actually I should have said, available to answer health care concerns, not medical conditions, for I' am not a Doctor, however a very dedicated, hard working, registered nurse. Since 1981, worked ICU, TRAUMA, Med/Sur. If I'm not 100% sure of my response I will not answer questions

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    You can still earn points by voting for best answers. Using your knowledge of health, you can help pick accurate and complete answers to health-related questions. You'd earn points that way and be doing some good.

    I think Yahoo! limits the number of questions you can answer in the beginning to encourage you to vote for best answers and ask questions. As you gain more points you'll move up a level and be able to answer more questions.

    I'm happy to see someone concerned about the questions here who also has some real knowledge and experience to impart. Answers could use more people like you!

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    You are limited because that is the rules and no exceptions are made. You will just have to keep answering more questions until you reach a higher level and can ask more questions.

    If points are not an issue make comments about questions you wanted to answer but could not because of level limits..

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    The higher level you are the more questions you may answer. They limit how many points you can get in a day. Why? Because alot of people only give one word answer just to collect points. Kinda silly, but hey that's the rules. Don't really understand it but ...ok.

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    1 decade ago

    We all are limited. I am a long talker, so I reach my limit quickly. I spread out my answers and a few questions each day.

    My talk is mostly about exercise, weightlifting and aerobics.

    Another good site to volunteer your services to, with no limits, is ALLEXPERTS. I did them for a long time, but I got too many questions to answer. Had to quit. Here is a better choice for me.

    I am a diabetic too. Sorry but I do not know what MRSA is.

    Source(s): Weightlifter for 20 years.
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    I agree the limit stinks but with you answering the top amount each day you will get up to high levels in no time. Thanks for taking time out to help people. Q & A needs more knowledgeable people.

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    That that is totally anon and also you get a go area of evaluations and that for the most area you get responses that are authentic, (except of direction all they prefer to do is criticise your spelling and grammar). you are able to make your self experience good even as your answer is chosen because the finest of the lot and also you actually experience as once you're assisting others and they are assisting you.

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    everyone is on a limit....The more levels you reach the more answers you get to answer.....Go vote on Q&A, that gives you points too

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    Other than your MRSA, what does this have to do with infectious diseases?

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