I'm having problems with being constantly disconnected from Yahoo messenger.?

I signed up several months ago for Yahoo Messenger with Voice and as I'm chatting with friends it will often disconnect me and I have to sign back on -- sometimes several times during a conversation. I tried removing Yahoo from my computer and re-adding it but that didnt' make any difference. Can I go back to the old version or do you think it's something with my computer like needing more memory or needing to change some settings? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Are you using window blinds or alienguise or some other window enhancement program? E.g. programs that add extra buttons like transparency and keep always on top or change the look of the windows in anyway (not including standard XP themes)

    if so disable it and yahoo should work..

    do a search on http://www.wackyb.com/ for window blinds as it's discussed there often :)

    this is sometimes a flash issue, make sure you have download and installed flash from Internet explorer (not any other browser)


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    yeah your not the only one I get disconnected evry morning sometimes twice a day it sucks I never had this problem before untill after I ahd version 8 then that messed up and I went back to 7 but now I have this diconnecting issue someitmes and I don't know whats going on but yahoo sure did mess up when they had the beta version out I should have never used it in the frist place but don't get me wrong I Love yahoo it's just nothing was broke so why did they try to fix it all the plug ins that they have in 8 never work and theres always a problem they need to dump 8 and go back and work on 7 and 7.5 until they know how to get things to run smoothly and not cause all the problems everyone has had peole are having to reformatt their computers just because of Yahoo messenger version8 i had 7.5 then went to 8 now I had to go back to 7 which isn't bad but it sucks that 8 messed my computer up

    If you find something that fixes it let everyone know

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    lot of people have ahd this problem. I totally removed using Yremover and reinstalled an older version. I still have the problem but its not as bad. Its not disconnecting me every 5 minutes but its still tre annoying. Ive asked people for advice as well and nothing seems to have worked. Its like whatever infected the new messenger stays on and does the same to an older version...

    Friggin yahoo..grrrrrrrr

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    there grew to become into an intermittent login difficulty final night, June twenty 2d, that affected lots of the Yahoo! Messenger consumers (and a few Yahoo! Mail consumers). whilst it wasn’t a controversy to login to Yahoo! solutions, as you will discover that those plagued via the login difficulty have been in a position to come back at right here and ask questions, some Yahoo! websites/products have been affected. in spite of the shown fact that, using fact I even have top type (paid) Yahoo! centers (i..e. Yahoo! Voice) i grew to become into in a position to talk on line with the Yahoo! help group and only found out the project is now solved and the completed downtime grew to become into purely 2 hours. we are able to now all login to Yahoo! web content and Yahoo! Messenger.

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